My Little Shrine to Koichi

Koichi made his first appearance in the form of Duskmon during episode 12. It isn't until episode 32 that we learn exactly who Koichi is.

Tragically, Koji and Koichi are twins separated by divorce. Seems each parent took one child when they parted. Koichi learned he had a brother when his gravely ill grandmother made a deathbed confession.

From that day forward, Koichi set out to find Koji, but he couldn't get the courage to face him. He soon learned Koji was living with his father and new mother in a very nice neighborhood. Anger and jealousy began to nag at Koichi as he realized his father abandoned them leaving his mother to work strenuously even when ill. Worse yet...his father abandoned them for another women making his mother sad.

The afternoon the chosen children entered the Digital World, Koichi had been following Koji. Koichi raced to keep up, but just missed the elevator. He started running down the stairs, but his ankle twisted sending him falling quite a distance. He landed in a heap on the cold, cement floor of the train station.

The next thing Koichi remembers was finding himself in the Dark World thinking he had died. Cherubimon appeared filling Koichi's head with dark thoughts of his father's abandonment. The evil digimon convinced the vulnerable boy to seek vengeance presenting him with the Spirit of Darkness. And with that...Koichi became Duskmon.

As Duskmon, he caused a great deal of fear and suffering, but couldn't quite bring himself to finish off Koji. With Cherubimon pushing more dark thoughts in his head, Duskmon evolved to Velgemon. Thank goodness Takuya and Koji were able to defeat and purify him.

After the defeat, Koichi told Koji what had happened. Koichi felt regret for what he had done. He, also, felt anger towards Cherubimon who had used him for evil.

Soon Koichi learns how to use the real power of darkness to defeat evil. He evolves to Lowemon and then Jagerlowemon to battle Cherubimon and join the other chosen children.

In the coming episodes Koichi works with his brother and the other chosen children to help restore the digital world, but something is missing.

Koichi's digicode never appeared even after a crippling defeat. This indicated that Koichi's body was not in the digital world. In episode 48 Koichi sacrifices himself to save the others. He makes Koji promise to visit their mother, because he is not sure if he is alive in the real world.

When the chosen children return to the real world, they find Koichi hospitalized and not responding to medical treatment. Can a brother's love bring him back?

Will there be a happy ending? What do you think?

** Something to Chuckle About **

Koichi, I've done enough babysitting to know that it's not a good idea to hold a baby like that.
Phooosh! See what I mean.