Joe Kido


English voice actor: Robbie Daymond (new)
Japanese voice actor: Junya Ikeda

Years ago and even now, Joe is my favorite. He is innocent, nerdy, and very sweet. Joe is the oldest of the Digidestined and the most reliable. Which is why he holds the Crest of Reliability. Even through his greatest fears, Joe would always come through in a pinch.

Joe wants to be a doctor, but he is having trouble with his college entrance exams. The 1st movie emphasizes how much he is struggling and how low his confidence level is dropping. That changes when Zudomon Mega Digivolves into Vikemon in movie 2.

Joe has informed everyone that he has a girlfriend, and I'm hoping we will get to see who it is before the movies end.

Joe's partner digimon is Gomamon.