Summaries or Highlights of the episodes are normally found in the gallery along with the images.

      1. The Search Result is Haru Shinkai! Gatchmon Appears!
      2. The Mysterious Guide! I am Navimon!
      3. The Role of Culture in Nature's Garb!?
            Rollplaymon's School Dungeon!
      4. I'll Take That Costume! Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!
      5. A Dokkan Punch to Your Heart! Eri is the Appmon Idol!
      6. The best Gourmet Report! Gourmet Appli, Perorimon!
      7. The third Appli Drive! Torajirou is the Apptuber!
      8. The Super Suck Big Pinch!? Astra's Great
            "Interesting Animation" Operation!
      9. I Will Strive to be Number One! The Cyber Arena's Appmon Championship!
    10. The Appmon's Long-Awaited! The Legend Seven Code Meeting!
    11. Dive into the Sea of Net! Chasing to the Super Hacker, Rei!
    12. Defeating Sakushimon with Super Applink!
    13. Christmas has Disappeared!? The Calendar Thief, Calendamon!
    14. The City Turned into a Puzzle Game!?
    15. It Sees Everything in the Future?
    16. The Message that Transcends 'Time'
    17. Eri-san multiplied by Copy Paste?!
    18. The Bond Between Haru and Yujin. Stop the Rampaging Resshamon.
    19. The Net Ocean is in Big Trouble!
    20. Goodbye, Astra!? Dreamon's Nightmare!
    21. The Road to Becoming the Top Idol!
    22. Lend Me Your Power - Rei and Hackmon
    23. Get Back the 7code Appmon! Showdown - Ultimate vs Ultimate!
    24. The Titanic Cometmon Attacks!? Open the Door, Dantemon!
    25. Infiltrated At Last, The Deep Web! The Mysterious Cyber Kowloon!
    26. I'm a Protagonist!? My Meeting with Gatchmon
    27. The Fifth Applidriver!
    28. Applidrive DUO! Offmon Appears
    29. Buddies No Longer!? Gatchmon Runs Away
    30. Dokamon's Love!? The Gourmet App, Mari-Pero, Attacks!
    31. Let's take Everyone Along on a Trip
    32. Let Everyone Take You Out! Offmon the Shut-in
    33. The High-Schooler CEO! Unryuuji Knight Arrives!
    34. Thank You Future! Welcome to AI Town!
    35. Aim to be One of the Nine Gods! Appliyama 470's General Elections!
    36. General Election Results! The Clutches of Evil Close in on Eri!
    37. Attack! Ultimate Appmons, The Ultimate 4!
    38. Bring Back Gatchmon! Grandpa Denemon's Test!
    39. A New Power! The Appli Drive Duo
    40. Find Yuujin! The Exciting 60 Minute Ultimate Tour!
    41. Fierce Battle to the Extreme! Globemon VS Charismon!
    42. Rei's Decision! The Big Search for Hajime!
    43. Awaken, Sleepmon! The Appmon Championships Once More!!
    44. Chase the Runaway Bootmon!
    45. A Mighty Clash?! Gatchmon VS Agumon!
    46. An Oath to the Starry Sky! Operation: Rescue Astra!
    47. The Truth About Yuujin
    48. Activate! The Humanity Applification Plan!
    49. The Miraculous Final Evolution!
    50. Bonds of Hope! Haru and Gaiamon!!
    51. An Artificial Intelligence's Dream
    52. Our Singularity