Episode 03: The Role of Culture in Nature's Garb!?
Rollplaymon's School Dungeon!

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While Haru waits for Yuujin, he watches Gatchmon and Navimon argue. He asks Gatchmon about Appli FUSION. Gatchmon explains; Appli LINK is the method by which two AppMon combine their strength. It works with any two AppMon. In rare cases, when the AppMon combine their power, something special happens. One where two specific AppMon join together to evolve into a new and stronger AppMon. That's what we call Appli FUSION, and that's how DoGatchmon, the super AppMon, came to be.

A short time later, Yuujin arrives, and the two boys head to the library. Watson is bragging about how far he has gotten playing Fantasy Saga, the RPG of their dreams. That is... until Roleplaymon, the RPG Game AppMon, wreaks havoc. He is causing application malfunctions everywhere. It's as if everyone was placed in an RPG.

Haru and Gatchmon follow Roleplaymon into the AR field where they are in the middle of Fun! Exciting Dungeon! an RPG created three years ago. It's being recreated here. Seems the game had a successful launch, but the early enemies were too strong, and it was full of unavoidable traps. Its popularity plummeted rapidly. Only 3 months after its launch the servers were shut down.

To get through, Haru searches for gaming tips. He is having a great time encountering enemies and going through the traps. Once they get to the end, Haru and Gatchmon discover that Roleplaymon is the final boss. Haru attempts Appli FUSION, but this time it doesn't go so well. Gatchmon and Navimon's fighting caused a failure.

Roleplaymon is about to destroy Gatchmon when Haru explains that he had fun playing the game and didn't find it boring. He loves fantasy novels. For him and many others it was fun. Roleplaymon is warmed with joy and becomes Seven Codes - Code 2. When they have all 7 pieces, they can face the true final boss, Leviathan. Haru is presented with the seven codes pad, a device made to sort and store, the power of the Seven-Codes.

Elsewhere, Rei and Hackmon have captured the 1st of the seven codes, Mailmon. They've, also heard about Haru's capture.