Episode 06: The best Gourmet Report! Gourmet Appli, Perorimon!

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Eri has her 1st celebrity gourmet report, and unfortunately, she does terrible. Her manager tells her about Perorimon's app. Eri asks the popular app to help her improve her gourmet report skills. He agrees, but she needed to Appliarise him in order for him to teach her.

Later, when Eri's takoyaki doesn't come out right, she and Perorimon have an argument and the app leaves angry. Not long after, all of reviews begin to disappear from the internet. As it turns out, a lot of online data has been disappearing. Haru contacts Eri, who thought it may be Perorimon.

Once the two enter the AR field and find a very upset Perorimon, they see that the guilty party is Gomimon, the trashbin tool. Angry at the lack of respect for data, Eri appli-links Dokamon and Perorimon, who appli-fusion into Dosukomon. With his megaton sumo attacks, jet speed slap, Gomimon is defeated, the data is returned, and the L virus removed. Not only that, but Gomimon was the 3rd code of the Seven-Codes! Success!