Episode 08: The Super Suck Big Pinch!?
Astra's Great "Interesting Animation" Operation!

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Eri is interviewing a very famous AppTuber, but it isn't Astra. The one she is interviewing is "Say Jirou," who is famous for taking on stylish challenges. Although he is newer, his channel has even more subscribers than Astras.

While Astra is trying desperately to compete with the Say Jirou Channel, something is not right. Haru and Eri notice the differences from what Astra records and what is actually showing on the web, and they go to investigate.

Meanwhile Astra has another idea, which is recording his farts to make music. Recomon, the Audio Recorder AppMon, shows up. "I can help you record your flatulent melodies with the best sound quality possible," he tells Astra. (That has got to be the funniest line I've ever heard in a Digimon series!) Musimon doesn't agree with this type of music and leaves. Astra angrily responds that he will do it on his own. Unfortunately, Astra's reputation goes downhill after that video.

Musimon and Astra make up when the boy realizes that he is doing his recordings for fun and not for views. At about that time Haru and Eri show up. It turns out that videos are getting replaced by weird fake versions, and this included Atra's. The culprit is the Video Player AppMon, Dogamon! Dogamon can control and use videos to attack. Astra pairs Musimon and Recomon to appliFusion into Mediamon with a power level of 5800. Using Dogamon's altered movie against him, Mediamon defeats the Video Player AppMon and removes the L Virus.

As it turns out, "Say Jirou" was a fabricated AppTuber created by Mienumon. Therefore, Eri does use Astra in her interview, but the two are like oil and water.