Episode 14: The City Turned into a Puzzle Game!?

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Haru and friends enjoy the New Year by writing New Year's resolutions. Meanwhile, in town, a puzzle game is displayed on the screen causing an abnormality to occur! No one can continue normal operations unless they can clear the game on their screen.

The problem is putting the city in turmoil, because all electronic doors and vehicles are sealed by puzzle-related locks. The guilty party is the Appmon, Puzzlemon.

It takes hours, but Haru finally solves the puzzle the leads him, Eri, and Astra into the AR field. They are confronted by various obstacles, but are soon able to defeat puzzlemon. Thankfully, the city goes back to normal.

Inside L Corp, Mienumon is just using the current CEO to do her bidding, which so far amounts to bringing her a cup of hot chocolate.

NOTE: Did you notice that cute little sleeping digimon? Keep him in mind. He is a very important part of the storyline.