Episode 18: The Bond Between Haru and Yuujin.
Stop the Rampaging Resshamon.

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This episode was really good as we finally get to learn more about Yuujin.

The main points covered:

The episode revolves around a treasure hunt app very similar to Pokemon Go. Haru, Yuujin, Astra, and Eri coincidentally meet up searching for a special treasure.

Mienumon directs all the app users to a very rare treasure. This caused overcrowding the monorails. Luckily, Haru and Astra had taken another train, however, the train that Yuujin and Eri are riding is infected by Virusmon and is speeding out of control. Haru and Astra must stop it before it reaches the end and plummets off the edge.

Haru and Astra manage to knock Virusmon off and clear up the virus, but Resshamon is unconscious and not listening. Musimon imitates the driver of the monorail and gets Resshamon to come to a complete stop.

Eri asked Yuujin how they became friends, because they are so different. Yuujin explained how they met in elementary school when he transferred into Haru's school.

Haru was initially feeling guilty for keeping Appli Monsters a secret from Yuujin, but after what happened, he doesn't want to tell Yuujin to protect his friend from danger.

Note: Something is not quite right with Yuujin, and I can't put my finger on if he is a controlled bad guy or a created good guy? Guess we'll find out.