Episode 27: The Fifth Applidriver!

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Haru and Yuujin finally get some time to hang out, but it is short lived when a frantic Eri calls. Something is scandalizing her tweets. They are getting changed and not in a good way. She believes it is the work of an Appmon. Turns out that the culprit is the Appmon, Tubumon!

Haru, Eri, and Astra enter the AR field to confront Tubumon. Unbeknownst to them, they must, also, confront a much stronger Appmon called Satellamon! The three are in grave danger when a familiar face joins the fray. To everyone's surprise, it's Yuujin! He has an Appli Driver Duo and his adorable partner is Offmon.

Offmon takes Satellamon offline so he cannot track them from his GPS. After that, he takes care of Tubumon! "Are you okay, Haru?" Yuujin asks after all is said and done.
"Y..yeah. But why are you here Yuujin?"
"What else is there, Haru? I'm here to protect you."