Episode 30: Dokamon in Love!? The Gourmet App, MariPero Invades!

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Eri's gourmet reviews never fail to increase a restaurant's popularity. Eri attributes her review style to perorimon's training.

There are many gourmet review apps...many specializing in different genres, but one particular app isn't doing so well. It's the app "With Gusto" that's for dishes coming in mega servings. MarilynPerorimon(or MariPero for short) asked Eri to train her. Unfortunately, Eri has a recording session to attend so Dokamon agrees to help her. Dokamon notices that Maripero's reviews only describes the time it takes to finish the food and do not mention the actual taste of the food. After a little disagreement, he helps her improve the reviews.

Elsewhere, one app(Racemon) infected with the L-Virus is distrupting traffic. Haru, Yuujin, and Dokamon handle it. MariPero is grateful for Dokamon's help and writes a wonderful final review. Seems the app was to go offline that evening.

MariPero shows up the next day to inform everyone that a new Company has purchased the "With Gusto" app.

NOTE: This was a filler episode, which left me bored. We need more action and Rei!! Thankfully, next week looks much more exciting.