Episode 32: Let Everyone Take You Out! Offmon the Shut-in!

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Offmon has evolved to Shutmon, but he is out of control. Yuujin is able to calm him down enough to de-evolve, but not before taking a painful bite to the left shoulder. Offmon is so distraught after hurting Yuujin that he won't come out of his box. Yuujin blames himself.

When Offmon sneaks off on his own while Yuujin is taking a shower (^_^), the small appmon is once again confronted by Satellamon. Yuujin finds his buddy, and their bond helps Offmon to evolve to a more controlled Shutmon. However, Satellamon is so strong that Shutmon is no match. Thankfully, Haru arrives and throws Yuujin Globemon's chip. This allowed Globemon to applifuse with Shutmon and defeat Satellamon.

Once Yuujin and Haru are gone from the AR field, a male stranger pics up Satellamon's chip. Just who is this person?

Next Episode: Yippee! It's about time. Rei is back! Not only that, but we get a better view of our possible villain!