Episode 37: Attack! Ultimate Appmons, The Ultimate 4!

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NOTE: Oh Wow, what an incredible episode this was. Below are the highlights!

As expected, it's the appli drivers facing the Ultimate 4.
Haru and Globemon are pitted against Charismon,
Eri and Oujamon are up against Beautymon (no surprise there),
Astra and Entermon will be fighting Fakemon,
and Rei and Revivemon battle Biomon.

The battles are working in the appli drivers favor until Knight powers up the Ultimate 4 with Leviathan's help. That results in AppliDrives, appmon chips, and even the appli drivers getting pummelled. Without the drives, the connection is lost and the appmon disappear.

Yuujin arrives just before Haru is crushed by Charismon. He manages to save everyone, but he and Shutmon are surrounded just before the entrance to the AR field closes.

What a cliff hanger!