Episode 40: Find Yuujin! The Exciting 60 Minute Ultimate Tour!

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Picking up from last episode, the appli drivers are given 60 minutes to save Yuujin, or he will be killed. Biomon has confronted them, but Rei insisted the others go forward while he takes care of the ominous AppMon.

A short time later, the others enter Beautymon's realm. Eri tells the boys that they can go on, but Astra hesitates. He is worried about her (that's so nice...remember how they started out?). Astra finally agrees, and he and Haru leave it to her and Dokamon to get the job done.

In the next building, Astra and Haru are confronted by Fakemon. Haru's anxiety increases when he notices there is not much time left. Astra tells him to go on. When Haru leaves, Fakemon shows him an image of a defeated and broken Eri, telling the youngster that this is what happened when they separated. Astra wants to save Eri and almost falls into Fakemon's trap, but the AppMon's phony Eri said something that Astra knew wasn't true and stopped just before stepping one of the planted bombs! Both Eri and Astra Ultimate Aplliarise their buddies to Oujamon and Entermon. Beautymon and Fakemon are quickly defeated!

Returning to Rei, he and Revivemon have outsmarted Biomon, and the tables have turned (literally). Rei is torturing Biomon with his hacks in an effort to find Hajime! Just before Biomon spills the beans, he is destroyed by Charismon. Rei is left knowing that Hajime has been turned into an AppMon but not which one.