Episode 43: Awaken, Sleepmon! The Appmon Championships Once More!!

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The kids have managed to rescue Hajime/Sleepmon, but they are unable to wake him up. Gatchmon suggests returning to the Cyber Arena. Sadly, all their efforts fail. Rei thanks them all and takes Sleepmon/Hajime home.

Days pass with no sign of Hajime waking. Rei cooks eggs, visits aquariums and parks, and acts like the perfect mother/father. He says, "if you're with me, that's all I need."

One day Rei wonders what will happen if Hajime never wakes up. The distraction causes him to burn the eggs he is cooking. To his surprise, Hajime is standing next to him with his plate. Once he realizes that Hajime is the real deal, Rei begins to cry and hug his younger sibling.

Not long after Hajime awoke, Rei takes him to meet the others. He explains that it was he who solved the Leviathan puzzle 1st. Turns out that Hajime is even more of a genius than Rei. Hajime tells them that he believes it was Rei's burnt fried eggs that woke him up as Leviathan did not factor in the sense of smell. Hajime then told them the grave news that Leviathan's plan is to turn every one into an app that he can rule over. To do this will require Bootmon's powers. While in captivity, Hajime let him escape to the Dark Web.

The appli drivers realize that their next step is to find Bootmon before Leviathan does!