Episode 49: The Miraculous Final Evolution! God Appmons Descend

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Yuujin has God appliarised Shutmon to Rebootmon, whom immediately activates the Matter conversion device. At the same time, Yuujin begins to reboot Leviathan.

Meanwhile, people have been disappearing while on their mobile phone. Hajime believes these people are getting pulled into the Net Ocean by Deusmon (the God Appmon of Omnipotence)! When they arrive at his destination, Rei, Eri, and Astra are shocked to watch people getting pulled into a human data converter. They appliarise their buddy's to God-grade appmons to confront Deusmon. The attacks have even broke through the surface web.

Elsewhere, a very depressed Haru sits in a erie classroom replication of his elementary school. (Yuujin wants Haru to appliarise Gatchmon to God Grade.) Haru is not cooperating so Yuujin orders Rebootmon to kill them. School memories come crumbling down as Rebootmon strikes the building. Within the collapsed building, it looks as if Haru has given up.. even with Gatchmon's coaxing. It's only when Haru hears Yuujin cry out to him and sees that one eye is not red that Haru regains the spirit and motivation to fight!

Returning to the battle with Deusmon, Rei and the others have been thrown back into the human world just in time to witness the appearance of Leviathan!! The reboot was complete! Leviathan is appliarised into some multi-headed hydra ship.

Will Leviathan carry out his master plan? keep watching!