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Just for Laughs

This is a little section I thought I'd put together to brighten your day. Hopefully, give you a laugh or two. I saw this being done in Megchan's Chatroom, and it always made me crack-up. I will take some screen shots and put my own little quote to it. Just position your cursor over the picture and wait a minute for the caption to show up. Hope you enjoy!

If my nostrills get any bigger I'm going to need plastic surgery! I should have stopped after that 4th beer.  I could swear I'm seeing some pink snail with a head flying in front of me! I said I was sorry, Sara. Must have been the beans I had for lunch. Ooops, you weren't suppose to hear that! Guess the beans affected me too! Good grief, Petrafina! PMS again!?!? You'd scream too if you hit this well in the same position I did!! Holding this wouldn't be so bad if I remembered deodorant this morning.  I'm killing myself...phew! Charm school really paid off.  Am I sitting properly??