Who Am I in This World?

by fire love fire



The beginning of a fresh start...of school that is. For Tony this torture, and Sara is O.K. with it. Their class is filled with most of the same people...except one new face. This new face was a lovely girl with wavy green hair, deep red eyes, and kind of looked like someone they knew in face and body. She was wearing Dark blue jean, and a shirt with a horse running across a grassy pasture in a starry night sky. She had two Italian charm bracelets on her left wrist, a flower band and a heart rings on her left ring finger, and a peace sign ring on her right ring finger. She seemed nice, actually real nice. They walk up to her.

Tony: Hi I`m Tony, who are you?
Sara: Tony, don't be rude. I`m Sara.
Girl: Oh, its O.K., my name is Jessica.
Sara: What kind of student are you?
Jessica: Average, How about you guys?
Sara: A+.
Tony: C average.

Jessica: Well I guess I'll see you later.
Sara & Tony: O.K. see ya.

Then the teacher walked in.

Teacher: Sit down now.
Class (except Jessica): Mrs.Iknow!?!?
Ms.Iknow: Yes, I was moved to ninth grade. Is there any new faces here today?
Jessica: Me I guess.
Ms.Iknow: Well...uh...tell us about yourself.
Jessica: There is nothing about me I would like to share, but thank you for the opportunity to share.
Ms.Iknow: Well, there has to be something about you.
Jessica: Fine! One thing I'll share is that I'm an American.
Jessica: There is no use for screaming Ms.Iknow.
Ms.Iknow: Your right...get out your History in the World text book.
Class: *Sweatdrop*

After Math class it was time for lunch. On their way to lunch, Tony and Sara heard a beautiful singing voice coming from down the hall. They ran to see who was singing. When getting to where it was coming it stopped, and out came Jessica out of a classroom door humming "Killing Me Softly With His Song" with her eyes closed opening them before nearly crashing in to them.
All three standing there wide-eyed clueless of what was going on.

Tony: Was that you singing?
Jessica: Am I
that bad?
Sara: No, you were the best I've heard.

Jessica: *blushing* Thanks I guess.
Tony: Want to come over to our uncle`s after school?
Jessica: Why not? I'm starved lets go eat.
Sara & Tony: Yeah.
Voice: Jessica, can I talk to you.
The Three: Ms.Iknow!?
Jessica: Ya, sure. See ya later guys.
Ms.Iknow: Come into the class room.
Jessica: O.K. Ms.Iknow.
Ms.Iknow was dressed as Petrafina.
Jessica: Ms.Iknow, what are you WEARING!
Petrafina: Quiet girl! Now, who are you?
Jessica: Look into my eyes.
Petafina: I see...I see...ME. I see me as a little girl.
Jessica: Only I'm a little different. You had parents, and I don't.
Petrafina: What?! You haven't told me who you are!
Jessica: Figure...it...out! * she gets up and leaves*
(a/n: Wow! She has attitude! ^.^)
Petrafina: Well, I better get back to being Ms.Iknow.

Jessica meets Tony and Sara at the lunch table. They both noticed that after she said she was starved that she was not eating a bite, all she was doing was pushing it around with her fork as if something was on her mind. When the bell rang she looked a little scared to go to class. Their next class was music with Ms.Iknow. Tony and Jessica were walking down the hall together.

Tony: Hey, Jessica, what's the matter?
Jessica: You can call me Jess, and I'm a little scared.
Tony: What about?
Jessica: Uh...um...what if I'm picked to sing in class.
Tony: Then sing.
Jessica: Yeah, that's what I'll do. *Muttering: I'll show Ms.Iknow.*
In class
Ms.Iknow: We will see who can sing the best in the class.
Jessica*to Tony: I told ya.
Ms.Iknow: Well, since Jessica is such a chatter box she can go first.
Jessica: Errrrrrrrrr...
Tony: Just sing.
Jessica: "Strumming my Pain with fingers. Sing my life with his words. Killing me softly with his song. Killing me softly with his song. Tell my whole life with his song. Killing mee softlyyy with his sooooooooong."
Class: She wins. *clap*  
(a/n: This song is on the American Idol CD I'm listening to right now. :D)
Ms.Iknow: Alright, but sing the rest of the song.
Jessica: *sings the rest of the song*


a/n: One whole day of school, wow! New girls sees Petra and gets most popular. Next chapter: Meet Flint

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