Who Am I in This World?

by fire love fire


Meeting Flint & Rocky

After school Tony, Sara, and Jessica meet up to go to Dr.Goodman`s house.
They talked about America, Japan, Jessica's singing, and then they were there.

Sara: We're home.
Tony: With a friend.
Flint: Hi guys. How was school? Who is this? Is she funny?  Is she in your class? Does she have food?
Sara: School is O.K., but Ms. Iknow is our teacher.
Tony: This is Jessica, she is in our class, she is funny, and I don't know if she has food. Do you have food?
Jessica: No. Who are you?
Flint: My name is Flint.
Jessica: Hi Flint, I'm Jessica or Jessie.
Flint: Hi Jessica Or Jessie. A new friend, yay, a new friend...ect.
Jessica: *giggle*
Flint: Are you Tony's girlfriend?
Tony: Enough Questions...
Jessica: I don't know Flint.
Flint: Your nice I hope you are.
Jessica & Tony: *blushing at each other*
Dr.Goodman: Flint you've been...oh...hello there.
Jessica: Hello, sir.
Dr.Goodman: Who is this?
Flint: Tony's girlfriend.
Jessica: No, just a new friend.
Tony: Like you said we don't know.
Jessica: *blush* Well, didn't think it would be used against me.
Dr.Goodman: Flint, you've been called on a mission.
Tony: Can Jessica come too?
Dr.Goodman: Sure.
Flint: Come on Dad.
Rocky: I'm coming son.
Jessica *griping on to Sara*: I'm confused, freaked out, and yet totally curious.
Rocky: Hi, I'm Flint's father, Rocky.
Jessica: P..p...pl...pleasure to meet you. I'm Jessica.
Flint: Come on Getalong and Terry.
Jessica: What are these things?
Sara: Time shifters.
O.K. I'm going to pretend I know what they are.
Tony: Good. Come on. You can hold on to me.
Jessica: O.K.
Dr.Goodman: You are looking for a time shifter named Snowy.
Flint: What time?
Dr.Goodman: Ten years ago in America.
Flint: Here we go.

In no time they were ten years in the past, in a deserted ally that smelled like garbage. All of a sudden a little girl that look like she was five appeared with a giant gerbil like thing. The girl was crying. When she had looked up she screamed. This girl was about five, and was dirty.

Little Girl: Who are you? Leave me alone, NOW!
Little Creature: Its O.K. they might help us.
Tony: My name is Tony, this is Sara, these are Flint and Rocky, and this is Jessica.
Little Girl: Hey, that's my name too!
Jessica: Well... Coool.
(a/n: The older Jessica will be called Jessie.)
Voice: Little Girl hand over Snowy.
Jessie: Tony, who is she?
Tony: Petrafina.
Jessie: Leave Snowy alone.
Petrafina: No. Dear Jessica, join me.

A/N: What decision will Jessica make?

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