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Episode Guide

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     English Version                 Japanese Title 

  1. Hammerhead Rock               Flint Revives 100 Million Yrs Later
  2. Jitterbug                     The Fake Queen of Yam-Tai Country
  3. Eldora                        A Shining Golden City
  4. Talen                         Meeting the Moon Princess
  5. Mosbee                        Moss-Bee the Freezer
  6. Coconaut                      Discovery of New Continent
  7. Bubblegum                     Flint Becomes a Samurai
  8. Lynx                          Mystery of Sphin?
  9. Artie                         Horurun'ss Graphity
 10. Go Getalong                   Lovelove's Rapsody
 11. Batterball                    Fight on, Gutty!
 12. Bindi                         What is Anmon?
 13. Caveman's Christmas           Toyman's Christmas
 14. Miss Iknow Makes a Housecall  Teacher's Home Visiting Day
 15. The Cardians                  Redmen are Heroes   
 16. Plumella                      Smile of Monolise
 17. Wing                          Soar up High Wing
 18. Bindi-Master                  Anmon the Supreme Beauty
 19. Moah                          Great Demon Mo-Ai-Wah 
 20. Elekin                        Battle of Super Robots
 21. Muscles                       An Ancient Olympic Game   
 22. Rocky in Love                 Crush! Flint vs Hammerhead
 23. Enter the Unicorn             The Land of Time            
 24. Raldo                         TP LD Metamorphoses into Time Mnstr
 25. Leafy                         A Magic Forest of Time Fairy Leafy
 26. Monk                          Hammer-head is Kidnapped
 27. Nightcap                      Sleeping Aid of H. Chrstn Andersen
 28. Musey                         Disteny of Muscy
 29. Change                        Co-Zenny's Sorcery
 30. Snug as a Bug                 Morphy Morphs Anything
 31. Dipper                        Java the Storm Maker            
 32. Uglinator                     Shilock Ohmes Becomes Time Monster!
 33. Knuckles                      Knucloo's Straight Punch
 34. Doron                         Drone and a Genius Inventor
 35. Shadow                        Swordman Musashi & Shadow Ninja
 36. Land of Dread                 Nascal in the Land of the Dead
 37. Game Master                   Game-Master Gerra   
 38. The Rescue                    Showdown in the Land of Time
 39. Time of Darkness              Beyond the Time and Space