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Episode Screen Shots

Welcome to my gallery of screen shots. Now you may be asking yourself, "how did the webmistress get all of these screen shots?" It's like this. I took the advise of Michael's Cardcaptors (I thank them dearly for letting me know that there was such a device) and purchased WinTV Go. It is great! I've always taped every episode (well almost), and from these tapes, I was able to get my still shots. Yes, you can simply attach your VCR and not just a cable line. Email me if there is a special shot that you would like to see, and I'll try my best to get it for you. In the meantime, click on the episode you wish to see. (NOTE: I've put two episodes on one page.)

You may use some of my screen shots for your site, but please remember to give credit where credit is due. It takes plenty of work to put these together, and it would be a shame for someone to take credit for something they didn't do.

  1. Hammerhead Rock                21. Muscles
  2. Jitterbug                      22. Rocky in Love
  3. Eldora                         23. Enter the Unicorn
  4. Talen                          24. Raldo
  5. Mosbee                         25. Leafy
  6. Coconaut                       26. Monk 
  7. Bubblegum                      27. Nightcap
  8. Lynx                           28. Musey
  9. Artie                          29. Change
 10. Go Getalong                    30. Snug as a Bug
 11. Batterball                     31. Dipper
 12. Bindi                          32. Uglinator
 13. Caveman's Christmas            33. Knuckles 
 14. Miss Iknow Makes a Housecall   34. Doron
 15. The Cardians                   35. Shadow
 16. Plumella                       36. Land of Dread
 17. Wing                           37. Game Master
 18. Bindi-Master                   38. The Rescue 
 19. Moah                           39. Time of Darkness
 20. Elekin