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Ooooo....the evil henchmen of the Dark Lord. I'm going to start with Dino and Mite even though they are actually Petrafina's henchmen. Would you believe the other henchmen were created by the Dark Lord from flowers. It's true just watch the last episode! (Sheesh...who comes up with these ideas!)

Dino and Mite

Dino & Mite in original form       Petra's transformed Dino & Mite

Dino and Mite were originally a frog and an eel being used for experimentation. When Petrafina broke into that lab (I'm not quite sure why), she released them and thus, transformed them into (almost) human likeness so they could become her assistants in crime.


Superninja as a Pin                      Superninja

Well the Dark Lord became angry with Petrafina's incompetence and decided to send in reinforcements. In comes Superninja, who is suppose to take care of Flint. At first Petra is unaware of what the Dark Lord is doing since Superninja is sent to her as a gift in the shape of a pin. Superninja is a strong warrior, but he is still no match for Flint (when he has a full stomach, of course!).


Uglinator                      Uglinatorcon

Watch your head or the Uglinator will take over your thoughts! This guy loves a good joke, but when he transforms to Uglinatorcon, he is nothing to laugh at. His attack will sink you into ponds (or quicksand?) full of floating skulls. If he gets ahold of your brain, all your thoughts will become evil. Can he defeat Flint????? Naaahhh, I don't think so!


Nascal                          Nascalcon

Nascal is an interesting bird that is more than happy to do the Dark Lord's bidding. He has the ability to pop in and out of site. Yet even as Nascalcon, he still cannot defeat Flint. How does that caveboy do it!!!


Aminito                         Aminitocon

This guy is the Dark Lord's game master. (Gang, I'm not sure about this name...It's what it sounded like when watching the show....Please let me know, if you know what it is). In the Japanese version they call him Gerra, but it's definitely not that in the English dub. When he transforms to Aminitocon, he sends a sickening attack of poison mushrooms. (Eww, yuck!)