Marcoh's Notes

As quickly as the train unloads, Ed races to get to Central's First Branch library. Major Armstrong stops the boy for just a minute in order to introduce him to his two new body guards, Lieutenant Ross and Sergeant Denny Brosh. (The military fears the boys are in danger since Scar was spotted at Central.) Sadly, all that is left of the building which held Dr. Marcoh's research is charred remains.

When talking to library officials, they learn that another young girl use to work there. They were told that she was fired and quite odd. Hoping to get some information, the boys and their body guards venture to Scieszka's residence. Amazing...it is almost completely filled with books! (Read or Die, anyone??) Seems She was fired from the First Branch, because she kept reading books during her work hours. Imagine their delight when they learn she has a photographic memory and can remember any book that she has read. Ed's enthusiasm rises again when Scieszka agrees to rewrite all of Dr. Marcoh's journal.

It takes three days, but Scieszka has successfully completed the book. However, it's not what they expected. Dr. Marcoh's notes appear to be 1,000 recipes. Ed pays the girl handsomely knowing it is some kind of code. The two boys take all of Scieszka's work in order to decipher the information.

Ed and Al have already been working for a long time when Lieutenant Colonel Hughes shows up. In exchange for introducing him to Scieszka, who will write what she remembers of all the military court records, the jovial Hughes will allow the boys to continue their research. Lieutenant Ross is unhappy with that. She fears it will be difficult to protect them from Scar. Hughes ensures her they will get more reinforcements in the morning and that those boys are going to do what they want even if someone tries to stop them.

The scene changes to a recap showing the events that took place between Scar, Lust, and Gluttony. The brutal confrontation caused the destruction of the First Branch. Seems Scar recognized Lust and Gluttony as Homunculus.

After all this research, Ed has discovered the horrific truth. Living humans are needed to create the philosopher's stone. He is devastated. Now what can they do?