Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant
and The Mystery of Warehouse 13

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With the Rivers Flow

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Secret of Ishbal

While Gracia Hughes sits watching her young daughter color on the cement outside their home, inside Lieutenant Ross and Sergeant Brosh question Winry and Scieszka regarding their unauthorized entry to the generator room. Winry keeps hush, but does warn Ross and Brosh of danger within the military. Once the officers leave, Winry tells Scieszka they will return to Resembool and hope to get in touch with Ed and Al.

The scene switches to a train carrying many members of the military including Colonel Mustang. Imagine his surprise to find The Crimson Alchemist (Lieutenant Colonel Zolof J. Kimbly) is now part of the military. Archer explained that Kimbly was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and was going to be used for the illegal experiments in the 5th laboratory. He escaped and is now an asset since his testimony is needed. Mustang has a hard time accepting the explanation, but Archer pulls rank on him.

It's evening in the dessert when Ed tells Marta that it was he whole killed Greed. The woman responds by saying that Ed is not her enemy, it is Kimbly that betrayed her and her comrades. "Besides," she says after killing a poisonous snake, "Greed chose death rather than being sealed. So I think he wanted to be defeated by you."

The next morning Marta and the boys arrive in Ishbal. The boys look around to see a barren, broken down city and wonder what happened since they had heard that the Ishbals succumbed easily to their attack. That's when Marta explained the true events that took place the day Ishbal fell (see Marta's character summary). The boys are angered and curious....what reason did the military have to attack this city??? When Ed kicks a rock in frustration, they discover Jean Havoc and Heymans Breda were spying on them. Come to find out Colonel Mustang and a great deal of military are also in Ishbal. Their objective is a city two kilometers to the South-Southeast. They say it's to prevent a so-called uprising, but Ed is suspicious. He knows it's Scar they are after. Imagine his surprise when he finds out later that the city under scrutiny is Lior. Images show that Scar has carved a transmutation circle around the whole city.

Later that day Ed gets permission from Colonel Archer to scout the city. This angers Mustang, but Archer isn't worried since Ed will be going alone....without Al. Before leaving, Ed tells Marta (who had been hiding inside Al all this time) to lay low. She agrees, but vows to take revenge eventually.

Evening falls and Ed (disguised in a long brown wig) is ready to leave. Before he goes Armstrong approaches. The large man tells Ed that Archer wants him to leave behind his silver watch. The boy hands it over and takes off.

In a hidden room, Archer holds up the watch saying, "Be sure to give this the transmutation amplification treatment as well." It happens to be the cloaked, deformed Tucker that the Colonel is talking to. Just what were his orders? In another section of the same building, Al is walking down the hall when he sees a young soldier trying to restrain another. Marta sees that it is Kimbly! She jumps out of Al and prepares to attack!

Meanwhile, in the city of Lior, Ed sits sipping a drink. Suddenly, the town is bustling with excitement. The townspeople have become excited because the Holy Mother and her aides are passing through. Imagine Ed's surprise when he sees that it is actually "Rose!" He edges his way through the crowd for a closer look when a strong hand touches his shoulder. The boy turns to see Scar staring right at him. And it's not only Scar that has spotted him, but also Gluttony and Lust. They watch unnoticed from a distance.

What will happen now that Ed has been discovered? And what of Marta? Can she possibly defeat Kimbly? You'll just have to wait until the next exciting episode!