Marta holds a knife to Kimblee's neck vowing revenge claiming he sold his comrades out and ran back to the military. Al grabs Marta from Kimblee's grasp. The sinister man looks at the young soldier next to him. "You'll make a nice bomb," he says. Before Al or Marta can stop him, Kimblee pushes the young soldier at the two. There's an explosion, but Al has managed to grab Marta and jump from the balcony. Kimblee peers at them from the damaged area...then ventures down. Al fights with Kimblee in order to protect Marta. The boy acts quickly so Kimblee is unable to use alchemy. The result is Kimblee baring the brunt of one of his own explosions. Colonel Mustang and soldiers arrive as Kimblee is staggering out. The evil man vows to blow up Al's armor one day.

At headquarters, the Fuhrer has decided to enter the front lines. He claims he doesn't want to see Lior become another Ishbal. He assigns a Lieutenant Fuhrer in his absence. Another city will be annihilated for the sake of one who seeks the philosophers stone.

Back in Lior, Scar and Ed are fighting. Ed is angry believing that Scar plans to sacrifice innocent people for the sake of creating a philosopher's stone. Just when it looked as if Ed may win, Lust and Gluttony come to the large man's aide. He claims to be their enemy, but the two homunculus say that they will protect the one who will create a philosopher's stone. Scar pulls out a necklace saying it was something Lust had given to his brother. "Remember it!!" he shouts. Lust sees images of her past and passes out. Gluttony grabs her and takes off sneering at the two. Right after the two homunculus leave, Rose and Lyra arrive ordering the two to stop fighting. They tell Ed to listen to what Scar has to say: Scar tells his sad story:

"Back when Ishbal was still a peaceful land, I had an older brother. I was very proud of my intelligent, respectable brother. He had a beautiful lover, but she died from a disease and was given to the God of Ishbal all too early. In order to revive her, my brother defied the teachings of Ishbal by learning alchemy. Even after he lost a part of his body (A vital piece needed for childbearing...get the picture?), she still didn't come back. My brother was exiled because the Great Art (alchemy) was forbidden in Ishbal. ...But had my brother succeeded?? Is that who Lust is?"

Ed briefly interrupts telling him that homunculus are born as the result of a failed human transmutation. He adds that there must be someone giving these creatures multiple lives in order to control them. He also states that homunculus are weak against parts of their former bodies. Therefore Lust should hate the keepsake since inside of it is a lock of her hair.

Scar continues his story: "Soon after my brother left, we were invaded. We were angered by the sudden attack, and retaliated. And then the long exhausting battle began. One day his brother returned claiming he could create a philosophers stone and save the city of Ishbal. Because they were besieged by war, no one opposed the return of my brother. However, my brother abruptly abandoned the research when he came close to completing it. Now I know why. In order to create the stone it required the death of a whole city, or even an entire race. The sorrow, hate, and anger that is created from those deaths....When they become one, the Philosopher's Stone is born. To save Ishbal, they needed to destroy Ishbal."

A flashback shows evacuating Ishbalites encountering the evil State Alchemist, Kimblee. He claims he was following orders to kill every last one of them. Kimblee grabbed Scar's face threatening to turn his skin into explosive material bit by bit. First his forehead...then his arm was blown off. Kimblee suddenly turns his attention to Scar's older brother. "Your body looks like a transmutation circle," he says. When Kimblee held up his red amplification pendant, the etchings on Scar's brother begin to glow resulting in the pendant detaching, striking him on the forehead, and slowly sinking into his skull. Before anything continues, Kimblee's murderous ways are interrupted by gunfire from Colonel Grand.

Some time later, Scar awakens to find just himself and his brother who's barely clinging to life. Scar's older brother had replaced his younger sibling's arm with his own, but it was at a cost. "The lives of the people who were inside me, I gave them to you," he said; "If I didn't, you would have died." He smiled as life left him knowing he will be joining his true love.

Edward understood the man's reasoning; "Your brother was attempting to transmute the philosopher's stone within his own body. He was taking in the lives of the dying Ishbalites, and gave them all to you, in that arm. The arm itself is an incomplete philosopher's stone....that's why it reacts with the red stone."

Scar admitted he was in Lior to complete the stone, but he has no intention of taking the lives of the people in Lior. The people will escape through a pathway built below the old church. It will be the soldiers lured into town that will lose their lives. Ed is still against them taking lives, but Scar tells how the Military invaded Lior doing unspeakable crimes including things to Rose. She now has a baby and lost her voice as a result of their crimes. Ed is shocked.

Returning to the military base, the soldiers stand at attention as the Fuhrer passes them by. Elsewhere Al is desperately looking for Marta. She, however, has been climbing through the vents. Soon she happens upon a room where she overhears the Fuhrer conspiring with Kimblee and Tucker. She knows then that this man is not who he seems. She runs outside to Al where he insists she climb inside his armor. Before Marta is able to tell what she has discovered, the Fuhrer shows up and uses a sword to pierce Al's armor. He claims to have killed the Chimera that was threatening the boy. Al tearfully falls to his knees when he sees blood pouring out of him.

Is Marta dead? What is to become of Lior? Don't miss the next incredibly exciting episode!!

Holy Mother

Edward looks in horror at the mass gravesites as Scar explains what happened. "When the head priest was lost, there was a mad panic so the military came and attacked the civilians to prevent any uprising," he said. "Wasn't it you who created that opportunity for them?" he added...devastating Edward even more. "I WILL complete the Philosopher's Stone for the sake of those who are suffering through this oppression," promises the scarred man.

Back at headquarters, Colonel Mustang and crew are investigating Martel's death. They begin to argue with Major Armstrong until Al begs them to stop. After things quiet down, the boy has a flashback:
Marta hides in Al's armor and tells him to tell Ed shocking news. "They're going to turn Lior into another Ishbal!" she says. "The Fuhrer is a Homunculus!"

In Lior, Scar addresses the people. He tells them to lure in the military, but do not resist. A captured Ed watches. Lyra enters the room telling the young alchemist that she is against all the loss of life that may occur. After hearing that, Ed asks her if she would do him a favor.

At the base, Al is secretly pulled into a room with Colonel Mustang and the others. They have received a letter from Ed warning them to stay out of the city, no matter what. Al explains what he believes is happening. Colonel Mustang tells Al to go to Lior and meet up with Ed. In the meantime, the Colonel will try and avoid the first move...that way Lior will surrender and Scar can be arrested before any conflict begins. Before he leaves, Hawkeye gives Al Ed's watch to return.

It's evening now in Lior. The devious Kimblee and packs of evil talking chimera animals are massacring the residents. Scar releases Edward and tells him to lead the villagers to safety. The large man then vows to eliminate the fiend attacking them.

Thanks to the letter from Ed, the Fuhrer (now known as Pride) has delayed the attack on Lior. When Lust questions him later in private, he admits that the orders were sent down from their master. The very thought makes Gluttony cringe, but Lust sets out to help Scar. She wants the Philosopher's Stone created no matter what!

Kimblee continues to wreak havoc on Lior until he comes face to face with Scar. It only takes a moment before the Crimson Alchemist recalls the day he had met Scar previously. The two engage in an intense battle. Scar's arm absorbs the red stone embedded on Kimblee's ring causing the large man's intense pain.

Meanwhile, Ed is evacuating the people when they are suddenly attacked. It's Wrath, and he's out to get Ed! Just when Ed is about to be pierced by Wrath's shape shifting arm, Rose's baby begins to cry. The crying sends memories flashing through Wrath's head, and he goes charging after the baby. Ed screams for Rose to run and uses his alchemy in an effort to protect her. Ed creates a spear and faces Wrath telling the homunculus that he knows his weakness. (Recall that Greed had told Ed that a homunculus cannot move if they get near the bones or body parts that were supposed to be resurrected in a human transmutation.)

Outside the tunnels, Al has arrived to see the battle between Kimblee and Scar. He uses alchemy to intervene and begs the men to stop the killing. The evil Kimblee breaks free and uses Al as a shield in order to grab Scar's arm. Kimblee laughs knowing Scar's arm is seconds away from exploding. The Crimson Alchemist is shocked when Scar rips off his useless arm (ewwwwww) and uses his remaining arm to destroy him. Thinking Kimblee is dead, Scar turns to carry out his intended plans. Unfortunately, the Crimson alchemist performs one last devious plan. He takes Ed's watch from Al and throws it at Scar. The red stones incapacitate Scar giving Kimblee enough time to make Al a ticking time bomb!

Back in the tunnels, Ed is approached by Juliet Douglas. "Edward, why didn't you transmute me properly?" she asks. When the woman dematerializes in front of him, Ed lets out frightened screams. Rose hears them and heads back. Ed is unable to move allowing Wrath to grab the spear. Before the young homunculus can strike, the baby's cries again echo. Wrath can't stand the crying and charges at Rose. The mute girl begins to stutter. Ed regains his senses to the sound of Rose's voice screaming for him to "GET UP!" Can he reach Wrath before any harm is done? Watch the next exciting episode to find out!

His Name is Unknown

Before Kimblee died, he turned Al into a slow churning bomb that will explode in a short period of time. Scar wants to save the boy, but Lust appears telling him to leave that up to Edward. "It's your job to create the philosopher's stone," she tells Scar. He looks at her in anger, "I knew you weren't her. She would never say anything like that!"

Back in the tunnels, Ed has come to his senses in enough time to restrain Wrath and save Rose and her baby. He turns towards Juliet Douglas. He knows this homunculus was created by himself and Al during their failed transmutation attempt. Wrath breaks free to help the woman, but Ed uses alchemy to take them both down. At least for now.....for according to Lyra, homunculus have many lives. Ed changes the subject by congratulating Rose on the return of her voice, and then they continue on to safety.

Meanwhile, Archer is concerned that he hasn't heard from Kimblee or Shou's chimeras. He grows impatient. He turns around quickly when Colonel Mustang, Hawkeye, and Armstrong enter the ominous room. Knowing he's in trouble, Archer unlocks caged chimera's and orders Shou to give the attack whistle. Mustang and the others are surrounded by deadly chimeras....this doesn't look good!

With the Colonel out of the picture, Archer prepares his men. Gluttony and Pride observe from an upstairs window Archer readying his troops for deployment to Lior. Gluttony snickers, "They're all going to die!"

Lust does her best to change Scar's mind, but he is intent on making Al the philosopher's stone in order to save the boy's life. He tells the beautiful homunculus how his brother defied the teachings of Ichbal, turned himself into a transmutation circle, and sealed the lives of the Ishbalites within his body. The plan was to create the philosopher's stone within himself, but that task was passed on to Scar. The large man despised his brother for doing so, but knows his older sibling only wanted to save his life.

Meanwhile the evil, Archer, has sent the military into the city of Lior. Luckily Ed has led the citizens to safety. One of the soldiers informs Archer that there is no one to be found. Suddenly, they see Kimblee's body tossed from a tall building. Archer catches a glimpse of Scar through his binoculars and orders the infantry forward. Lust and Scar run for cover, however, several soldiers spot Lust and open fire. Scar charges in front of her and is bullet ridden in the process. Lust turns and easily disposes of the soldiers. She asks why Scar protected her. Seems he really did love her (human form that is) and his brother as well. He added how he admires the way the Elric brothers care for one another. That is why he is going to do for Al what his brother did for him.

On the outskirts of Lior, Ed goes charging up to Archer demanding a stop to this. Archer says that the people have killed a state alchemist, therefore, they are justified in their actions. Just then one of the men yell that they have spotted Scar. A dying Scar staggers and falls face first on his own transmutation circle. A bright crimson light follows the etchings until the whole city of Lior is illuminated. Al's etched armor glows as well. Anyone within the city begins to disappear including Archer. Those far enough away can only watch in horror. Luckily, Ed was able to use alchemy to protect some of the men.

Returning to the Colonel, we find Mustang, Hawkeye, and Armstrong easily whooping chimera butt (^_~). Mustang's other comrades come running down the stairs just as the last chimera is disposed of. They tell the Colonel that Archer took the troops into Lior, but the city is now glowing red.

After the worst is over. Ed tells the bewildered men to round up any survivors, while he looks for Scar. Instead of finding Scar, he finds Al buried in the sand. When Al explains what happened, Ed tells him to open his armor. His worst suspicions are confirmed....Scar transmuted the philosopher's stone into Al. Lust shows up and tells them they should go. "Weren't you after the philosopher's stone, too?" Ed asks. Al pulls out the keepsake pendent that belonged to Scar's brother. Lust quietly turns and walks away.