Alchemy in layman's terms is a science dating back to the Medieval days dealing with the conversion of material. In other words, it is a science where one understands the structure of a matter, breaks it down, and then rebuilds it. When used properly, it can turn plain lead into gold. However, one must comply with the principles of nature. Meaning, an alchemist can only create something of a certain mass from something with the same mass. This is considered the principle of equivalent trade.

Sounds fairly simple...right? Hardly. In the world of Anime, one can expect the amazing results of alchemy to be amplified to the maximum. That's what you get with Full Metal Alchemist, the intriguing series that aired in Japan from October of 2003 to October of 2004. Toss in an exciting, action packed storyline, and you have a hit!

The story centers around two young boys trained in alchemy who attempt to do the forbidden.....a human transmutation. (Can you blame them? They are children grieving for their recently deceased mother.) Unfortunately, something goes horribly wrong. The elder boy (Ed) is left with two less limbs, while his younger brother (Al) lost his entire body. Ed's quick thinking saved his sibling by attaching the boy's soul to a suit of armor located nearby.

Realizing what they did was wrong, the two set their sights on another goal. To find a stone said to amplify one's alchemy abilities. They will use the stone for the purpose of getting their bodies back to normal. Many adventures await them making their task very difficult, but it happens to be THOSE adventures that make this series that much better.

FullMetal Alchemist is an anime that will never leave one bored. It is truly 51 episodes (as well as a movie and manga) of pure enjoyment.

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