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The Heroman anime series premiered in Japan Spring of 2010. It is an enjoyable, exciting series, and I look forward to each episode. This section will contain Images, Summaries, and info. Sorry, but we are not a download site. However, you can check out the "Other Stuff" area to find a link called "Where is?" That link will contain information on sites that may contain episodes such as Crunchyroll.

As with all sections, please see my Main Page to determine if updates occurred. If you have suggestions or requests, please go to "Other Stuff" and enter your request in the Guestbook. Even though I work full time, requests are important to me. That's it. Enjoy looking around.


Heroman is the anime adaptation of the manga created by Marvel Comics icon, Stan Lee. The manga itself has been published in Monthly Shonen Gangan since September of 2009.

The story centers around the young, sweet orphan boy, Joey Jones. With the death of his parents, Joey began living with his Grandmother and helping out after school at a restaurant to make ends meet. Due to his low income status and small stature, Joey is the subject of constant bullying. In spite of this, he dreams of becoming a hero.

One day he finds a broken toy robot (Heybo) and attempts to make the needed repairs. It seems impossible until a freak phenomena occurs that brings the toy to life. That phenomena happens to be the result of invading aliens. These aliens, called the Skruggs, were contacted during an experiment by Joey's science teacher, and they are not friendly! Now Joey must use his new toy to save the Earth and everyone that is dear to him.