When the Shikon Jewel was shattered, shards were scattered everywhere. One such shard resulted in the awakening of Menomaru, the only son of Hyouga an evil youkai from China. It seems 200 years ago when Gen. Chinese troops tried to invade Japan the youkai from China followed so they may go after the dead souls. InuYasha's father tried to stop them and succeeded in entrapping some of them. Now Menomaru wants to break the spell that traps his father by using the fang of the tetsusaiga. However, after a fierce confrontation with InuYasha, Menomaru discovers the sword's barrier. Knowing he cannot use the sword himself, the evil youkai kidnaps Kagome in an effort to lure InuYasha to "The Forest of No Return" where his ancient father was trapped.

Menomaru has two women henchmen who assist him in his plan. While Kagome is unconscious, one of the women places a controlling seed attached to a jewel shard inside the young girls forehead. It isn't long before InuYasha, along with Miroku and Sango, arrive to save Kagome. In the fight that ensues, the evil Menomaru manages to trick InuYasha into breaking the spell with a mighty slice of the tetsusaiga.

With the spell broken Menomaru performs a ritual whereby he takes his parents powers and becomes an even stronger youkai. He sends out thousands of moths that spread poisonous dust wiping out many villages and gathering the souls of their dead to become even stronger. (Thank goodness lady Kaede is able to protect her village from sure death.)

The now powerful Menomaru plans to seek revenge for his family by killing InuYasha. He takes control of Kagome's body to attack the young hanyou. Kagome is screaming inside, but she is unable to control her body. She pierces the boy several times and finally renders him unconscious with an arrow. Ironically, InuYasha has fallen by the same sacred tree where Kikyo's arrow pierced him 50 years before. Seeing what she has done, Kagome lets out an earth shattering scream and dislodges the controlling seed/shard.

Kikyo arrives telling Kagome she MUST go back to her own time. The well is filling with the vines from Menomaru's time tree which is absorbing the energy from all different time periods. Kikyo wants to be rid of Kagome and practically pushes her down the well.

When Kagome arrives home she finds that cold winter snow is falling. She is crying and worried about InuYasha. Soon InuYasha awakens and communicates with Kagome through the light of the shard and the sacred tree. He tells her he needs her and to come back. Unfortunately, the well is blocked. InuYasha explains that the arrow from a Miko (priestess) can burn through the blockage. She realizes that the tip from Kikyo's arrow is still lodged in the sacred tree. She makes an arrow using that tip and is able to get back to the Feudal Era.

Meanwhile a now huge and powerful Menomaru breaks from the large purple mass he was residing in. He lets lose all of the youkai from China. InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and even Shippo join forces to fight the youkai. In the end, it is the power of Kagome's arrow along with the crushing force of InuYasha's Tetsusaiga that defeats Menomaru. (Was there ever any doubt?)

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