This movie premiered in Japan on December 12, 2003. Preview translated by the great "Anime-Kraze". (Note: Sesshomaru is spelled Sesshoumaru in Japan.)

This is a story that unfolds around the swords that their father has left them. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's father left his swords to be a legacy passed onto his sons: Inuyasha's tessaiga, which can eliminate one hundred enemies in a single strike; Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga, which can save one hundred lives.

(Inuyasha's father saving his mother) "I'm counting on you, Tenseiga."

And, the third sword that their father had left them, Souunga, which possessed such unbelievable power that it was sealed across time at the Higurashi Shrine where Kagome lives. However, one day....

Souta: "Something's written ! Ahhh! The sword bites."
Mama:"Don't say such silly things!"
Being within the Sword:"Yes, I bit you."
Souta:"This sword can talk?"
Being within the Sword:"No, I am the one who is speaking to you."

Seven-hundred years later, the sword's seal is suddenly broken, and then......

Inuyasha:"This is..."
Kagome:"What's going on?"
Being within the Sword:"So the two of you are able to see this? This is the future that Souunga will bring into reality."
Kagome:"The youkai says that if nothing is done, Souunga's fearsome powers will cause the present era to become enveloped in darkness, and mankind will cease to exist."

To prevent that from happening, Inuyasha takes Souunga back to the Warring Era. However, Souunga entwines itself around Inuyasha's arm, and gains control over him. In the midst of all this, somebody noticed that Inuyasha had obtained Souunga. Sesshoumaru is infuriated that Inuyasha has obtained yet another of their father's swords.

Sesshoumaru:As I thought: it is you, Inuyasha. Why is someone like you in possession of Souunga? Do you mean to tell me that another of father's swords has chosen you as its bearer?"
Inuyasha:"Hell if I know. If you truly desire this sword, I'd like to give it to you, but it looks like you're gonna have to take it by force."
Sesshoumaru:"That is what I intended to do from the start."

The brothers' fierce battle is about to begin.

Sesshoumaru:A meager hanyou who does not even know his father's face.....DIE! Someone such as yourself will never be able to fully utilize Souunga!

A fated battle that cannot be avoided. And, with the appearance of Souunga, the reason behind their father's previously unknown death and the secret behind Inuyasha's birth is finally unveiled. What are Sesshoumaru's feelings toward his father? The battle between the two brothers eventually reaches a climax.

(Inuyasha's parents on his father's ill-fated day.)

Meanwhile, fearsome wraiths who have been resurrected by the ill-fated power of Souunga, which has fallen into the hands of an evil spirit from the past, come to attack Inuyasha and his friends.

Inuyasha:"Tessaiga, it looks like there's going to be one hell of a war."

At last a showdown between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Drawing Kagome and her friends into the plot, the story takes a shocking turn of events. What will be their fate??