Whether it is Dentsu Entertainment USA or Nicktoons restrictions, the fact is Little Battlers has been sliced and diced quite a bit from its original Danball Senki version. (I was wondering if they were going to air those assassination attempt episodes. Clearly...they did not). This gallery will follow the Japanese Danball Senki episodes. A total of 44 aired.

There's going to be a lot of skipping around until I can get all of the images captured. Be patient.. they'll all be up soon.
The most recent additions will have an '*' by them.

Episode 01         Episode 03         Episode 04         Episode 06

The episodes below pick up close to Nicktoons episode 05.
Van is told his must enter and win the Catacombs tournament in order to see his father.

Episode 10         Episode 11         Episode 12         Episode 13

Episode 14         Episode 15         Episode 16         Episode 17

The Artemis Tournament saga begins in the following episodes.

Episode 18         Episode 19         Episode 20         Episode 21

Episode 24

The Artemis Tournament is over. What will Van do now that Achilles has been destroyed?

Episode 26         Episode 27         Episode 28

Episode 30         Episode 31 *