Midori Days Intro

The long awaited Midori section is finally up. One of the reasons it took so long was because it was difficult to decide how the layout should look. Finally, an idea popped into my head and presto! It's so gratifying when something turns out exactly the way you want it. Like all my layouts, this one is simple and easy to maneuver through. For anyone who may be wondering, I purchased "Midori Days...The Handheld Collection" from DeepDiscount.com during one of their 20% off sales. Believe me, it was worth every penny! Let me warn those who are sensitive and/or under the age of 15....there is some full-frontal nudity. If you can get past that, then I'd highly recommend this anime to all those fans of a good comedy with just a touch of romance.


She watched him leave the train everyday. Her eyes fixated on his rough, yet handsome face. He didn't even know she existed until.....

Toughened up by his older sister at a young age, Seiji Sawamura was always getting into fights. He had a reputation at school and was often referred to as Mad Dog Sawamura. Unfortunately, being a tough guy comes with a price. Everyone feared him...especially girls. Seiji desperately wanted a girlfriend, but after striking out 20 times, the future looked bad. Feeling frustrated after his latest rejection, Seiji exclaimed, "Looks like the only girlfriend I'll ever have is my right hand!" (Ha, ha....get it?!) Suddenly, his right hand became an adorable young girl. Not just any girl, but one who has had a crush on him for a very long time!!

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