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This anime takes place in the not so distant future where it is the dream of all kids to own their very own specialized high-performance robot or medabot. Each individual robot has artificial intelligence and a collection of unique weapons. When they compete in an official robattle, the winner gets to choose a medapart from the defeated medabot. Everyone hopes for the strongest medabot so they can compete in the World Robattle Tournament held every four years in Japan.


AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Metabee
VOICE ACTOR: Samantha Reynolds
SCHOOL: Riverview Junior High

Ikki is an intelligent, outgoing boy who loves
Medabots. Unfortunately, he was unable to get one
until he was able to save enough money. One day he
found a very rare medal in the river and this changed

Ikki and Metabee don't always agree, but they are
there for each other when needed.

AGE: 10
VOICE ACTOR: Lisa Yamanaka
SCHOOL: Riverview Junior High

Erika is a very strong-minded girl who is
always in search of a good story for her school
newspaper. She is also a good childhood friend
of Ikki's even though she can be quite bossy.

Erika's medabot Brass is always looking out for

AGE: Teenager
MEDABOT: Arcbeetle

Henry is the teenager who works in a convenience
store by day. However, his ultra ego is the
Phantom Renegade who, by night, collects rare
medabot medals. He knows all there is to know
about medabots, because 10 years ago, he was the
star of the World Robattle Tournament with his
Hercules Beetle-type Medabot.

He has another ultra ego...a.k.a. Space
Medabotter X. I'm looking forward to seeing him.

AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Sumilidon
VOICE ACTOR: Joanne Vannicola
SCHOOL: Rosewood Private School

Koji is your spoiled little rich boy. He
considers Karin his girlfriend and gets very
jealous when others (especially Ikki) pay
attention to her.

His medabot is very tough, but Koji has enough
honor not to take advantage of anyone. By appearances, he kind of reminds me of Ken from Digimon. What do you think?

AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Neutranurse
SCHOOL: Rosewood Private School

Sweet and innocent Karin seems to be the object of
many boys affection. She is generous and kind to
everyone. She is also the heir to a fortune and
attends a private school. Koji thinks of her as his
girlfriend and is very protective.

Because Karin's medabot has the special healing power, it has never lost a robattle and is considered a legend.

AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Peppercat
VOICE ACTOR: Julie Lemieux
SCHOOL: Riverview Junior High

Samantha is your basic tomboy. Because she is
so tough, she is considered the leader of the
screws. You don't want to mess with her.

AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Cyandog
SCHOOL: Riverview Junior High

Spyke is another member of the screws. He acts
tough, but he's willing to do anything Samantha
asks of him. A loyal follower.

AGE: 10
MEDABOT: Totalizer
SCHOOL: Riverview Junior High

Sloan is another member of the screws. He too acts
tough, but he's willing to along with the gang.