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Monsuno a.k.a. Monsuno: World Master is the new action/adventure series slated to air February of 2012 on the North American channel "Nicktoons."

The series was created by Jeremy Padawer and Jared Wolfson, who are clearly not Japanese. So why am I adding it to my Japanese Anime site? That's easy! Monsuno is a Western and Japanese collaboration project. One look at the character designs is all it takes to know that it is Japanese animated.

With so many major companies involved, there are definitely huge expectations riding on Monsuno. It is hoped that the show will become the next Pokemon, Bakugan or even YuGiOh. With a demographic targeting boys 6 - 11, you know that toys, cards, and other paraphanelia will be involved. This is where Bandai, Topps, and Jakks Pacific (to name a few) come into play. Below is an example of the Starter Deck and Booster Blister trading card product soon to be released from Topps.

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Monsuno is centered around a group of teenagers, who have discovered the spirits of mythical-like monsters in tube-like containers (Wait! What? Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah...Poke'ball'/Bakugan/Beyblade). Once released, these monsters take on their true form and are used to battle other monsters. And, of course, where there is power, evil is not far behind.

A mysterious organization called S.T.O.R.M. wants to get their hands on these creatures as well. Who will be able to harness the power of Monsuno first? Will it be our teenage heros or the deadly forces who want to destroy our precious planet????

There you have it. Only time will tell if the aniticipated Monsuno will develop into the next mighty force in the boys action/adventure genre. Let's not count the girls out either!!