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This Naruto Section was originally created by Seangewomon, but maintained and updated with new info by Julie for the past 6 years! (Wow... I'm getting old!)

Twelve years before the start of the story, the Nine Tailed Fox, attacked Konoha. With a single swipe of its nine tails, it was able to level mountains and cause tsunamis. On top of that, it possessed an unrivaled amount of chakra, as well as unrivaled healing abilities, making it virtually unstoppable. The Fourth Hokage, the leader of Konoha at the time, sacrificed his life to seal the spirit of the Demon Fox inside a newborn baby: Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto grew up as the container of the Demon fox. Though the Fourth Hokage wanted Naruto to be viewed as a hero for such a burden, the villagers could not see him beyond the monster that destroyed their homes. The Third Hokage, who had taken over once more after the Fourth died, made a decree preventing anyone from telling Naruto about the demon within him. As such, Naruto was shunned by everyone around him and didn't know why. Though Naruto found some friendship in children his age, even they started to shun him, following in their parents' example.

Once Naruto was admitted into the Ninja Academy, he befriended his Chunin instructor, Iruka. Iruka's own parents had perished in the Demon fox's attack, and even though Naruto contained the Demon fox within, Iruka knew what he was going through and empathized with him. Iruka was the first person to believe in Naruto,and as a result, he impacted Naruto's development greatly. Iruka became a father-figure for Naruto to look up to.