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Welcome to the Parasyte the Maxim section of AnimeAdmirers. Another amazing series running on Toonami in 2015. Like Akame ga Kill, this series has likeable 'human' characters (although Migi is likeable as well), quality animation, and a pretty satisfying ending.

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About Parasyte The Maxim

Alien parasites have descended upon Earth and are taking over the bodies of humans. One such parasite attempts to take over the brain of high-schooler, Shinichi Izumi, however, his quick thinking prevented the creature from getting any further than his right hand/arm.

Shinichi is initially shocked, but later develops a friendly relationship with the being that can transform his arm into weapons. Unfortunately, other parasites are now targeting Shinchi, as well as, the authorities, who are aware of the deadly nature of the aliens. Can Shinichi survive the constant attacks and protect those he cares about most?

The North American release is licensed by Sentai Filmworks