Curriculum 00 (Connection)

It is the year 4084 AD. Due to a crisis caused by humanity itself many planets were destroyed. Now the only remaining planet, Zion, must be protected from the alien species called Victim until "The Day of Hope".

The episode begins with a frantic distress call. Victim is attacking, and they are being absorbed! The Goddess pilots are dispatched and soon encounter a wounded Victim.

Meanwhile a ship is transporting new pilot candidates to GOA (Goddess Operator Academy). Among the candidates is a very excited Zero Enna. This is his first time away from his colony. His over-exuberance irritates Instructor Hijikata as well as his fellow candidate Hiead. Zero and Hiead have a minor confrontation on the observation deck after a shock wave knocks them into one another. It's the start of a very challenging relationship. A third candidate, Clay Cliff Fortran, trys to keep the peace between these two. Shortly, they arrive at GOA.

The Goddess Operator Academy has an admission of 3000. Each candidate is drilled and trained to gain experience and technique over a two-year period. Unfortunately, only 5 candidates are chosen to pilot a Goddess.

Later that day the pilots have returned from battle. Rioroute runs off with Teela to get some dinner while Gareas and the others have a little confrontation of their own. It is cut short when Gareas' Repairer, Leena, informs him that his Goddess (Eeva-Leena) is acting unstable. She will stay behind and work on the problem.

In another part of the ship the new candidates are going through 1st level decontamination prior to their admissions ceremony. Zero must remain to get his hair cut. Afterwards, he is unable to remember how to get to the ceremony and becomes lost. He unwittenly wanders into the Goddess holding area where he comes face-to-face with the Eeva-Leena whose door opens at his presence. When Leena (repairer & Goddess have the same name) approaches Zero, he accidentally trips and falls into the Goddess with the door shutting tight behind him.

The Goddess's or Ingrids are set only to their exclusive pilots. Physical idiosyncrasies, habitual nervous system as well as personality are all in-tune with one another. Connecting a total stranger could be fatal.

The repairer is frantic as even a final abort is not working. Within the Ingrid a beautiful girl (Teela, I believe) with long flowing hair wraps Zero in her arms while he floats in a dreamlike state.

Connection has completed.

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