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Pilot Candidate

Curriculum 10 (Jealousy)

Summary written by me (Julie) per request!

An explosion rings out in the training room and shakes all of G.O.A. Hiead is battling Force and having a severe EX overload. Ikuni begs him to stop! Azuma arrives and instructs Ikuni to throw Hiead into space, but the doctor has another idea. She uses tranquilizer gas to put him to sleep and wheels him into an isolation room until his EX can stabilize.....his wounds will be treated later. Force, on the other hand, is wheeled into the emergency room with severe injuries. Azuma takes his frustration out on Zero until Kizna breaks them up offering tea as a truce. Azuma refuses the tea and leaves.

Afterwards, Zero and Kizna are having a friendly interaction, while Clay tries to analyze the power of EX. Ikuni gingerly sits next to Clay. When Clay asks her opinion about Hiead's EX, she breaks into tears and runs off.

A quick scene shows Hiead and memories of his past. Flashes of him as a child staring at slaughtered bodies in horror. Meanwhile, Azuma is meeting with the doctor. Seems there is small wounds over 32 areas of Force's body including shoulders, thighs, elbows, and ruptured organs (ouch). It will take 3 weeks for him to heal completely including the exchange in the atomic. She turns to Azuma and asks why he didn't stop them. Suddenly, she stops short....."You wanted to see their EX!" Azuma leaves claiming that is ridiculous, but silently, he knows she was right.

In another area Clay is trying to break into the computer to check out Hiead's home environment thinking that it will hold the key to the strength of EX. At the same time Kizna takes Zero to the relaxation room. The young boy falls asleep as Kizna is talking to him. She smiles and falls asleep next to him (on the grass of the relaxation room so don't get the wrong idea).

Scene cuts to Clay looking bewildered to find that all of the candidate's personal data has been deleted.

Hours pass and Hiead is well enough to leave the isolation room. Azuma says he can resume his training the next day. Ikuni tells a grumpy Hiead that she will no longer try to get into his head. Her first priority will be to help him do his very best!

Hiead enters the cafeteria sending gasps of fear echoing from the other candidates. All but Zero, that is. That cocky Candidate 88 starts patting Hiead on the back saying something like, "I want to win, but not that way." Through gritted teeth, Hiead grumbles, "I'll blast you some day!" Just then the intercom rings out telling everyone to meet in the auditorium. Azuma announces the testing for the next top candidate will commence tomorrow.

In space, the pilots are battling hordes of victim. Erts senses more and more coming.

Back on G.O.A., Zero is having trouble sleeping. Clay is awake and confides in his class-mate. "If we know the background of the birth of EX, then humanity will know where it will end up," he says, "Past mistakes were the reason we had to start living in space." When Zero falls asleep, Clay grins and thinks,"My talking is a lullaby." However, it didn't put Hiead to sleep. He remembers the past, especially that fateful day when he stole the wallet out of that dead man's pocket.

The next day testing has begun. Zero, Clay, and Hiead are sent into space within the confines of their pro-ings. Zero struggles at first to overcome his gravity sickness, Clay wants to find a place to hide (^_^), and Hiead wants to shoot down Zero. Just as Zero and Hiead's Pro-Ings are ready to face one another, Azuma ends the testing until the afternoon. Hiead is furious and yells at Ikuni.

After the candidates have returned, Ikuni sees Kizna making adjustments to Zero's Pro-Ing. The two girls discuss the importance of their candidate's survival, but they know that only one can win. Then Kizna asks if Ikuni would like to get some food. The timid girl refuses saying that she needs to make some adjustments herself. With Kizna gone, Ikuni looks at Zero's Pro-Ing thinking, "If we survive, he'll approve of me." Her great desire to please Hiead made her do the unthinkable....modify Kizna's settings.

The afternoon testing has started, but it is suspended in mid session. The Goddess Pilots have requested emergency support. Zero is elated, but Ikuni is shaking uncontrollably. "What should I do? I may have done something terrible!" she cries to herself.

What will happen to Zero after this act of sabotage? Watch the next exciting Curriculum to find out!

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