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Pilot Candidate

Curriculum 11 (Drifting)

Summary written by me (Julie) per request!

The number of Victim are increasing. Rioroute laments, "these guys just keep on coming no matter how much we fight." A calm Gareas exclaims, "We need to aim for the leader of the horde, isn't that right, Erts?" Erts tells them not to get nervous...if they miss some, let G.O.A. handle them.  Teela knows the pilot candidates are scrambling.

The scramble command given at G.O.A. is concerned with guarding the boundary of Zion in area Blue 1, and because they are just candidates nothing more was expected from them.

Kizna is putting the finishing touches on Zero's Pro-Ing, which has made the boy very restless. Everyone else has launched before him.  Ikuni nervously asks Kizna if she checked the inside of the cockpit, but Kizna said she had done that earlier (uh oh). Once in space, Zero has some trouble with his outside space boosters. His Pro-Ing knocks right into Clay's. Zero thinks there may be something off with the timing, but Kizna believes everything is in check from her standpoint.

Once all Pro-Ing's are launched, Azuma starts shouting out instructions: "Actions beyond orders are banned otherwise you will get demerits.  All pilots who have not received maneuvering training will be towed...that included candidates 85-89.  You are not to use your boosters. Victims that get through the five Goddesses will be your targets. You are not to move.

Zero has trouble with the orders, but must reluctantly go along with them. The boys wait anxiously until they are able to put their training into good use.

Crow and Teela are communicating. He asks if she feels them. She answers yes. He replies, "it is going to get interesting."

Suddenly, a Victim breaks through. Zero is unable to control his Pro-Ing, and the creature slams right into him. The young candidate can't regain his bearings and begins to drift in space. His boosters aren't working properly either resulting in his Pro-Ing plunging towards Zion. At the same time the other candidates are firing at the enemy. Hiead is the one who ultimately destroys it.

Kizna is unable to contact Zero, however, Clay can and learns his roommate is in trouble. As more Victim attack, Hiead charges forward disobeying the command to stay put. Now Kizna is getting frantic. She demands that Instructor Azuma handle this problem or she will take him to the authorities and have him court-martialed.

In space, Zero calms himself and is able to turn the Pro-Ing around. He corrects the timing and uses the boosters, but finds himself smack dab in the middle of the Victim attack. He is completely surrounded. Rioroute has the Agui-Keameia send out shields, but that doesn’t totally prevent him from taking hits himself. He screams at Zero to get out. Then Erts' voice is heard saying, "we captured the boss of the horde. Transferring data."

Thousands of Victim continue to attack. Suddenly Teela can feel her EX strengthen. Electrical charges seem to flow from her headpiece right into Zero's. The boy screams out as he too has an EX reaction. Time seems to stop for a moment until another Pro-Ing comes charging through the horde. It's Hiead, and judging by the illumination of his hair, he has had an EX reaction as well.  The force of the three's EX allows Teela and the Ernn-Laties to completely annihilate every attacking Victim.

A short time later when the boys return to G.O.A., they must face Azuma. The instructor tells them angrily that there are a lot of substitute pilots if they want to lose. Once Azuma walks off, Hiead turns to Zero and states, "You know you could've been lost out there." When Zero thanks him and claims he can be a pretty nice guy, Hiead just shrugs if off saying he only wanted to test his own EX.

Kizna approaches Zero asking if he is alright. He begins to yell at her saying she didn't maintain the vessel properly. Then Ikuni attempts  to confess but breaks into tears. Sensing what Ikuni was going to say, Kizna makes up a story about changing some scanner connections and claims she had told him about it. Of course, Zero is so absent minded he wasn't sure if she told him something or not.

Later when the girls are alone with the Pro-Ings, Ikuni tries to apologize, but Kizna tells her not to say another word about it. Kizna and Ikuni forget their troubles by singing.

On board the pilot's vessel, Teela is nurturing a very ill Crow. She tells him how they all had simultaneous EX reactions. "It's close," Crow says. "Yes, perhaps  very soon." are the final words spoken by Teela...ending the series.

Note From Julie: A fitting ending (maybe?). One is left to believe that Victim can be defeated by the EX strength of three individuals. Of course, you are left with many unanswered questions. The manga has recently been released (2004), and I plan on purchasing the volumes to see if they contain any further closure.

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