Curriculum 12 (Friends (Special OVA))

This OVA is narrated by Ernest and involves a great deal of flashbacks to scenes that occurred in previous Cirriculums. What you are reading is the subbed dialogue from the wonderful "Solar Fansubs". A very big thank you to them. To make things easier for you to understand: when Ernest is speaking as narrator, the text will appear maroon in color.

At certain points you will have the ability to press an IMG link to see a pop-up image from that point in the OVA. Click on the image again, and it will disappear. Now enjoy....

Friends who fight without knowing the reason... why?...

(Pilots in battle..Flashback to Cirriculum 11)

Shit! How many of these damn victims are there? (Gareas)
Too many to even count! (Gareas)

The Victims obviously changed their strategy! What made them do so?

Reorganize Pro-Ing Team. Set Up the Final defense line.

I can't describe this feeling. This may be the end of it all.

Candidate, can't you hear? Come back! (Azuma)
I can't help it! I can't come back with all this fighting! (Zero)
Shut up, I can't concentrate. (Hiead)

Back then we couldn't imagine that it would be like this. Yes.... Back when we were just Candidates. Back then....

(Flashback: The current Goddess pilots were simply candidates)
Call.... number 37! (instructor)
Here! 38! Here!
39! Here...
39? Ernest Cuore? IMG
How many times do I have to say it? .... Next! 40!
What is it, Gareas?
That guy, number 39, he responded.
I couldn't hear him. That's the same as if he didn't! (Instructor whacking Gareas) IMG
Next! 40!
Here! ... 41! .... Here! ....42! .... Here! (Continues role as Ernest stares at Gareas)

What an idiot. Why didn't he just leave it alone! (Candidates discussing Gareas later)
It's because 39 has that kind of EX.
He doesn't like to talk. Does he?
Hey. (They quiet as Ernest approaches) IMG

I was a loner among the candidates. It was my ability. They didn't understand my aversion to being touched. I gradually started moving away from them.

Hey, 39! ... Ernest! (Gareas a little while later on the observation deck)
It's almost time to launch!
Oh! Okay..... Ummmmm.... (Ernest)
What is it? You don't remember my name? I'm Gareas. Call me Gare. (Wants to shake hands)
Don't touch me, please. If you do, I'll read your mind. (Ernest) IMG
Gare! Gare, hurry up! (Leena (Repairer calling))
Okay, I'll be right there. IMG
Bye, thanks. (Ernest)
Hey..... I don't mind such things. So don't you mind either. We'll be pilots together. Goddess Pilots! (Gareas)
Hurry, Gare! (Leena)
I heard you already! (Gareas)

Number 37, Gareas Elidd. He was the first to talk to me. He was full of confidence, and he had more skill than any other pilot. He took care of everyone who was sick, so everyone liked him. No one doubted that he'd be a Goddess Pilot. So... no one noticed... Something hidden in the bottom of his heart... Even I didn't...

(Alarms blaring...EX out of control)

It happened during the final selection test for pilots...

Hey, he's still walking....Amazing....So much blood... I wonder if he's OK?... (Candidates about Gareas)
Gare...are you Alright?...Gare! Hey! (Leena as Ernest also passes)
Of course I'm not Alright! Fightened. I'm scared stiff! (Gareas in thoughts only Ernest can read)
He's yelling so loudly...Why can't anyone hear him? (Ernest) IMG

His EX had become too strong. It could no longer be restrained or neutralized. He had to become a Goddess Pilot. He no longer had any choice in the matter.

We'll be pilots together. Goddess Pilots. (Ernest remembering) IMG
Ernest-san, please prepare for the launch. (Tune)
I'll win. ... I'll be the best! No matter what, I'll become a Goddess Pilot.(Ernest)

And so we became pilots. One day, several Candidates came up to us. Among them were these guys (speaking of Zero and Hiead)...

(Flashback to scene where Zero & Hiead have their first encounter)

I'll be a pilot. That's easy. Don't show me your idiotic face.. (Hiead)
Idiotic face?! (Zero)
Eyesore...get away form me. (Hiead)
Don't give me that! (Zero)

Zero Enna and Hiead Gner. They were more special than any of the other candidates. At that time, I didn't even know their names..But they got stronger and stronger.

Run! Don't stop! Keep running! Faster! Chin Up! Jump! (Instructor Izuma)

(Flashes to Hiead's and Zero's first Pro-Ing training session)

Start! (Kizna)
Cueval started, switching over control. (Ikhny)
The enemy?
I see two type-A Victims, heading towards GOA.(Ikhny)

(Zero's pro-ing training)
Kizna, What've you got? (Zero)
Two type-B Victims behind GOA heading towards Zion. Please confirm.
Here I go! (zero) IMG
You can't catch up to them this way! Use the shortest route! (Kizna)

(Flash to Hiead's training)
Line 02 cut. I don't think there's any need to help. (Ikhny)
Got One. (Hiead) IMG

(Back to Zero's training)
Where's the next one of those Victim Bastards? (Zero)
Hurry up! It's going to reach Zion before you! (Kizna)
What? (Zero)
There's an obstacle in your route. Go around it...the time is... (Kizna)
That'll take too long. Transfer all energy to speed! (Zero)
Zero!! (Kizna)
I'll be fine as long as I avoid everything, right?! Shut up and do it!(Zero)
Ah! Sure, fine! Just do whatever the hell you want! (Kizna)
Leave it to me! (Zero)
Obstacle in front! Shoot! (Kizna)
I'll take it from here now! (Zero)

(Mid pointe break)

The job of the Candidate is training. The job for us Goddess Pilots is to handle all Victim Attacks. Even if we don't know why the Victims attack us, we must defend the people and Zion.

I've found a wounded Victim. Right wing, Keameia! Shield! (Teela)
Roger! Activating SOS type shield. Is level2 Ok? (Rioroute)
Hurry! (Teela)
Left wind, Eeva! Energy loading process complete! (Rioroute)
Tellia-Kallisto, ready to attack. (Yuu)
Let's get this over with! (Gareas)
Klein, are there any other signatures? (Teela)
It's all right, no other Victims are detected. This is the last one. (Ernest)
We'll use formation 5-B. (Teela)
Send me number 3, I'll kill it with one shot! (Gareas)
Error fixing and spread shield complete! (Rioroute)
Ready to Go. (Yuu)
Preparations for full attack complete. (Ernest)
Start the attack. I won't let you near Zion. (Teela)

But after the battle, there was a brief period of peace. A small...but very important time.

(Yuu and Kazuhi in ceremonial robes)
Please, Onii-sama (honored brother). (Handing Yuu a liquid)
Hey, Yuu! (Rioroute calling & disturbing their ritual).
Are you in there, Yuu-chan? IMG
It's me. (Door opens) Yo, do you know where that idiot Gare is? Oh, Kazuhi-chan, you're here too?!
Welcome. (Kazuhi quietly)
You're so cute today! There, there...(Rioroute patting her head) IMG
(Yuu gets angry and throws the cup full of liquid at Rioroute!)
I haven't seen Gareas. (Yuu)
Well, then just say so. Damn! Why do I have to suffer for Gare's mistakes.. Hey, Kazuhi-chan! Shall I invite you on a date...(Rioroute)
(Yuu throws the whole pot of liquid on him)
That's hot!! Are you trying to kill me?!
(Yuu throws another can of green powder/liquid at him which opens)
I don't like rough people...(Kazuhi) IMG
Who's the rough one?! (Rioroute coughing and gagging)

(Door opens everyone standing outside) IMG
Yuu, Tune has burned the cake, but... (Ernest)
What are you doing? (Ernest to Rioroute)
Yuuck, a green monster! (Leena) IMG
What are you doing? (Gareas)
Gareas, this is all your fault! You piece of shit! (Rioroute tackles Gareas)

I wished to keep those days... But that seemed to be too much to wish for...

(Scene returns to Ernest's fatal day. Victim attacks him unmercifully) IMG

Tune... I couldn't keep my promise... I'm sorry.
(Ernest is shown covered in blood) IMG
(A while later we recall the scene where Tune gazes at Ernest in his coffin)
I loved you....Ever since we first met...Always...
Thank you, Ernest-san. IMG

Salute to Ernest Cuore!

After all, can't we pilots keep our EX and not end up coming to ruin? But Zero... He is different from us. He is not controlled by his EX. He is able to control it. Even from the first incident with that Ingrid he was able to do that.

(At this point, I had to take a break....I was afraid my sobbing was going to short circuit the keyboard.....gaining composure...gaining..... Whew, Ok I'm back.)

(Flashback to Cirriculum 0, when Zero fell into the Ingrid)

Ummmm..... (Zero)
Who are you? This area is restricted to personnel only!(Leena)
No. I lost my way...(Zero)
Don't touch me! (Leena)
What is this feeling?(Zero)
No! No one but Gare can.... (Leena)
Find me. (Young girl)
What? I can't hear you...(Zero inside Goddess)
That's because you have to activate the audio... (Leena)
What's happening? (As doors shut)
Hey, I don't understand what's happening, but it's dark in here! ... Light? (Zero)
Data input:Number 88, pilot confirmed. Starting connection to nervous system.
Connection? I'm a Pilot? (Zero)
What a nasty feeling. Do the pilots feel this all the time? (Zero)
80% done connecting to the nervous system, minimal errors. Starting connection of vision ability 90%.
A voice. I hear a voice. (Zero)
Find me.....Look at me....Me, cut to pieces inside you.
(A song plays softly in the background)

The voice that called to Zero Enna that time...Now I know who called him... Whose voice it was...But I can't explain it to anyone...Because I'm not really myself now. Only my wreckage was left in the cockpit of that Ingrid.

You are what you are, Ernest. (Angel? Teela? (I'm just not sure)) IMG

(Flashback to Cirriculum 11 battle with Victim)

Three of them! Coming from 6 O'clock! (Erts with Ernest by his side) IMG
Shit, there's no time! (Gareas)
Leave it to us! (Zero)
What are you doing? Rookie! (Gareas)
I'm a Candidate! We Pro-Ings can't beat the leader of the Victims. You Ingrids must do it. So leave these to us. You must go ahead! (Zero)
Go ahead, hurry! How long are you going to trust us rookies!? (Hiead)
Alright.... All units break the center of the first enemy group. Start at the top. (Teela)
Roger. (Yuu)
Wait a minute! (Gareas)
There's no choice. (Rioroute)
Let's go! (Erts)
Erts, today I'll leave it to you. But, someday, I will also...I'll fight alongside you! Just you wait! (Zero)

Zero. Hiead. Humanity's fate depends on you. Extinction or survival... It all depends on you.

Beautiful ending theme song.....

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