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Of the Goddesses, the Errn-Laties is considered the most powerful. This mecha was the basis for the other four goddess Ingrids. Piloted by Teela Zain Elmes, it is equipped with a telescopic sword and a supernova attack referred to as the "death blow".


The Eeva-Leena is the long range combat Goddess. It is piloted by Gareas-Elidd, and it is equipped with shoulder components that can release various weaponry.


This particular Ingrid was designed to be piloted by a telepath. It was initially piloted by Ernest Cuore and then his brother Erts Virny Cocteau after Ernest met his demise in battle. The Luhma-Klein is the reconnaissance Ingrid. It can send out sensors from its helmet, arms, and backpack.


This Goddess is responsible for defensive measures. She is equipped with 128 triangular tiles which spread out to produce force shields. The Aqui-Keameia is piloted by Rioroute Vilgyna.


The Tellia-Kallisto is piloted by Yuu Hikura and is considered the close-range combat Ingrid. It is equipped with a set of power-boosted swords.


The Pro-Ing is the Mecha used by the candidates during training. It is also used during battle with Victim if the Goddess Pilots have called for assistance.

The Pro-Ing basically mimics its pilots movements and is equipped with a beam rifle, power blade, and defensive force-field abilities. The repairer is able to set percentage restrictions on the Pro-Ing during a candidate's training.

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