I'm sure you know the drill by now. I have taken some screen shots and put a funny little quote to it. Just position your cursor over the picture and wait a minute for the caption to show up.

That's one huge thong....looks more like heavy duty butt floss! Ymmmmm....tastes like chicken! Ever felt like you were between a rock and a hard place?!? A face only a mother could love. Gaaggg, wouldn't be so bad, but the last thing she touched was doggie dodo! Holy S***'re more developed than I thought! Your fly is open! Never underestimate the power of gas! Juuussst....Haaannnngggiiinnnggg....aaarrrooouuunnnddd! Geez...when's the last time these guys washed their feet?! Ooops...silent but you think they suspect ME??? (Misao) I'm a loud, obnoxious brat!!!! (Kenshin) Really? I hadn't noticed...oro?!