If youíre looking for an action/adventure series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, youíve definitely got it in Samurai 7. The sword fighting alone is enough to draw one in. To be honest, I didnít think I would like this series, however, I had picked up the DVDís a while back (on sale) and like most of my DVD's....they just sat there. (I have more backlog than an out-of-business video store. Let's just say, I purchase a lot to support the anime industry.) When Toonami picked up the series, I thought Iíd watch a few episodes. After watching them, I was totally hooked, and
you will be too.


After the flames of war, small villages are at the mercy of The Bandits, machine samurai called Nobuseri. . One small rice growing village decides to fight back. As a result, a small group of villagers (including a man, a young water priestess, and her sister) set out to gather strong samurai men that will help them protect what they've worked so hard to achieve.

The Warring Age On the battlefield, there were samurai. On the land, there were peasants. Beyond the flames of war, the merchants watched. It was the samurai who held the era. The Merchants bought the era, and put an end to the war. The samurai, having lost the era, became bandits. The peasants still remained on the land. The bandits swords turned toward the peasants. Their resounding mobility was the object of the peasants terror. And then.... **

**The Samurai 7 anime....