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Voice Actor: David Lelyveld
Age: 18

Speed is our young hero. He strives to fulfill his, as well as his brother's, dream of becoming the world's greatest race car driver. He can be quick tempered and hot-headed when bullied. He has a good heart and, although he won't admit it, a strong affection towards Trixie. Speed's strongest desire is to find out what really happened to his brother that fateful day.


Voice Actor: Chris Chaney
Age: 17

Young Trixie is an up-and-coming photo journalist who meets Speed for the first time during the World Battle Grand Prix. From that day on she and Speed form a close friendship. Trixie is always trying to get the latest scoops, which has gotten her into trouble from time to time.


Voice Actor: Jackson Daniels
Age: Approx. 42

Pops is the owner and operator of Hibiki Motors as well as a world renowned race car designer. His sons are very important to him. After his older son, Rex, crashed, he rebuilt the Mach 5 with several safety features to protect Speed from life-threatening situations.


Voice Actor: Michele Ruff
Age: Approx. 40

Mom Racer is always looking out for her son(s). Even though she lost Rex (or so she believes), Mom still respects Speed's decision to work at becoming the worlds greatest race car driver.


Voice Actor: ???
Age: late 20's early 30's?

Rex was considered one of the best Race car drivers in the world before an accident during a test run seemingly took his life. Funny thing is, his body was never found. Many believe he could be the mysterious Racer X. What do you think?


Voice Actor: Joshua Seth
Age: ??16 - 18

Sparky is Speed's best friend. He helped Pops rebuild the Mach 5 from scratch after it was demolished in Rex's accident. He not only has an incredible knowledge of cars, but computers as well.


Voice Actor: Chris Chaney
Age: Approx. 12

Spritle is Trixie's younger brother. He accompanies her on many of her photo shoots and helps with the equipment. He admires Speed and thinks of him as an older brother.


Voice Actor: ???
Age: 20 something

The millionaire rookie Jettison is a fierce contender of Speeds, however, he is in no way evil. He wants victory only if it is earned fairly. Jettison was able to capture the win at the World Battle Grand Prix. His car is Stinger.


Voice Actor: ???
Age: 20 something

Sonya is the scheming beauty that works for Team Ex Elion. She use to be the girlfriend of Rex Racer before his so-called demise. It is Sonya's dirty work that has thwarted Speed's attempts at victory on many occasions.

More Characters may be added as they appear.