Race To The Start

Young Speed Racer wants to fulfill his dream as well as the dream of his older brother Rex. That dream is to become the world's greatest racer. Sadly, Rex was involved in a major accident during a test run of the Mach 5, however, his body was never found.

Pops has entered Speed in the World Battle Grand Prix, but Speed is running late. Trixie is anxiously waiting to get the scoop on this new racer, but will he make it before the race begins?

Race To The Finish

Speed has made it to the race, but the evil Team Ex Elion is doing everything they can to win, and that includes using dirty tricks to sabotage Speed's efforts. Thank goodness for the Mach 5's Safety Seven. Speed is closing in on the final lap, but Sonya has one more trick up her sleeve.

Silver Phantom

After the big race, Speed helped capture the notorious Silver Phantom. It's not long before the treacherous man has broken out of prison and now he's hunting down race car drivers. However, his main target is our hero...Speed. How does Speed get out of this mess and keep the Mach 5 intact?


The devious Sonya has tricked Jettison and Speed. In order to see the Mach 5's full potential, she arranges a one-on-one race between the two of them. To lure Speed she tells him if he wins, she will give him information on his brother. Speed, who believes his brother is dead, falls for the bait. Just what tricks is she planning now?

The Mysterious Racer X

With info supplied by Sonya, Team Ex Elion knows that Speed is a force to be reckoned with. They want him eliminated from the World Earth Grand Prix and set up a plan to do just that. The plan is thwarted when the Mysterious Racer X shows up. Who is this man, and why does he always seem to be protecting Speed?