The Terminizer

Speed's opponent in the Earth Grand Prix's 1st qualifying race is Team Ex Elion's evil racer, Spike Hessler. Spike's car is called The Terminizer, because it's equipped to terminate all those who stand in the way of victory. Too bad it lacks cornering ability.

Can Speed take advantage of The Terminizer's weakness and win the race? Also, just why is Sonya questioning Racer X's identity?

Crasher Kid

A young, 14 year-old racing prodigy is Speeds next opponent. Nicknamed "The Crasher Kid", he is so confident of a win that he makes a bet with Trixie. If he wins, she must go on a date with him. Trixie is not at all pleased about this.

The young man is talented, but Speed keeps his cool during the race. When Speed is able to take the lead, Crasher Kid loses all confidence in himself. Will the boy give up before the race is over?

Race Against X

It's the day when Speed meets up with Racer X in the preliminaries. Speed loses his concentration as well as his cool when he must endure not only Racer X's belittling remarks, but also Trixie's sudden interest in the mysterious man. Not only that, but Sonya has conjured up a devious plot to determine whether Racer X is indeed Rex Racer.

Can Speed control his emotions enough to win? Will Sonya's plan unveil Racer X's secret identity? Just watch and see....

Good Sport

Speed's next opponent in the consolation race is Alfred Hyman. A proclaimed gentleman who was a good friend of Rex Racer. Hyman was once considered the best, but he hasn't raced as much since marrying and starting a family.

In a twisted plot, Team Ex Elion kidnap Hyman's wife and young boy in order to blackmail the seasoned racer into destroying the Mach 5 during the race. Can Hyman carry out their demands knowing he may hurt the brother of his once best friend? If he doesn't, what will happen to the family he loves so dearly?

The Big Test

Someone has stolen the gold bars from the bank. Detective Kathy Sanders of the International Police Special Task Force suspects it is Professor Klutsky...a world famous chemical engineer and race car aficionado.

To impress his granddaughter the Professor challenges Speed to a race to prove the superiority of his car, The Warp 5. To confirm her suspicions, Detective Sanders joins Speed. Little did she know the obstacles that would await them. Can the Mach 5's Safety 7 out perform the Warp 5's Miracle 8, and how will Detective Sanders prove the Professor is the thief she is looking for?