Speed Racer (1997) is a remake of the original Speed Racer series that aired in 1967. This version aired in Japan from January 1997 to September 1997 and was titled "Mach Go Go Go". Thirty-four episodes aired, however, it was not very popular as there is speculation that a total of 52 episodes were actually produced. Why it was unpopular is a mystery to me, because I find the series to be very entertaining. It has almost everything you could want in an anime...excitement, intrigue, handsome men, beautiful women, and a bit of romance thrown in as well. Granted it doesn't have the MECHA that many anime's are known for, but the sleek, highly equipped vehicles should be enough to make any race lover drool.

This anime is currently airing on Sundays at 4:00 pm (Eastern) in the US on Nickelodeon. It involves one young man's quest to be the best amid sinister foes and unexpected alliances. The Grand Prix events are exciting, and there seems to be few rules. Watch as Speed races his way to the top bringing justice to those who try to stand in his way.Go Speed Racer Go!!