Episode 04: Who Doesn't Want to Be Her? Our Last Member is a Huge Star!

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The last member of the Mew Mew's is Zakuro Fujiwara, a beautiful and talented model who happens to be Mint's idol.

Ryo has the girls enter an audition for a part in a musical that would include Zakuro, and Zakuro is scheduled to accompany the judges.

Mint, Ichigo, and Lettuce enter the audition, but unfortunately, Pudding's arrival causes the audition to have disastrous results until Zakuro intervenes.

That night on the roof, the girls approach Zakuro, but Kish interrupts with a large swarm of chimera birds! When the girls are overpowered, Mew Mew Zakuro is born!

After Kish's interruption, Mint asks Zakuro to join them, but she refuses and calls Mint annoying. Poor Mint is so upset.

To be continued: