Episode 08: Believe in Yourself - Romance on the High Seas

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It's Lettuce's time to shine in this episode.

Lettuce wants to be more like the other Mew Mews, but it seems like clumsiness and bad luck are following her.

Keiichiro and Ryo have good news for the girls. The Cafe will close for the weekend so they may attend a party on a Tokyo Bay Cruise ship that features desserts. Ryo allows the girls to come.

At the dock, Pudding arrives with her younger siblings... all five of them. On the ship, the girls are given dress attire to wear at the party. Each of them look beautiful.

Unfortunately, Pie and Tart plan an attack during the event changing sea creatures to chimera. One of Pudding's younger siblings is dragged into the water by one of the chimera. Even though she cannot swim, Lettuce transforms and jumps in the water to save him. Meanwhile, the rest of the Mew Mew's are rounding up the chimeras while Pie collects data on their fighting skills.

Once the attack is over and Pie and Tart are gone, Pudding thanks Lettuce for saving her brother.