Episode 09: Let Cupid's Arrow Fly! The Super Secret Date Scheme!

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Aoyama is given tickets to a concert of a very popular group.

Meanwhile, Ryo i explaining Mew Aqua to the girls. Due to its purification properties, it is possible that it's the key to defeating the alien threat. Mew Aqua is an extremely pure form of water. The Mews Mews are told that their mission is to find more Mew Aqua.

Later, Mint returns home where her brother, Seiji, runs up to her very excited. She entered the Business Proposal contest. One of the judges was a friend of their dad's so she couldn't win, but the judge was very impressed. That judge is a superintendent at an American high school, and they're recruiting students from around the World to train the leaders of the future. Seiji says that this will be beneficial to her, and she should go overseas to study for three years. (Take it from me... don't go Mint!!! It's a mess here!!) Mint needed to think it over.

At school, Aoyama tries to talk to Ichigo just before she headed to work. Unfortunately, he didn't have the tickets with him, and they were interrupted. Not long after, Aoyama arrived at Cafe Mew Mew. Ichigo was so busy that he ended up leaving there without asking. The other girls picked up on what was happening. They came up with a plan to get those two together so they could talk.

Outside the Cafe, Ichigo and Aoyama finally meet up. Uh Oh, Kish arrived to interrupt their conversation. He attacks with a chimera lizard (at least that's what it looks like). When Aoyama is hit by the chimera and sent flying into the river, Ichigo transforms and saves him. The lizard attacks again. This time the hit knocks the tickets out of Aoyama's pocket. Mew Mew Ichigo sees they are important to him and grabs the envelope with the tickets. This angers Kish, and he traps them in an dome with little air. Inside Aoyama asks again who she is.

The other Mew Mew's show up and destroy the dome. They all work together eliminating the chimeras and sending Kish on his way.

Later, Aoyama asks Ichigo to the concert, and she accepts.