Episode 10: Cat Got My Tongue! A Heart Pounding Transformation!

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Just when the Mew Mew's think they have the upper hand, along comes Kish. He's no longer on standby. He's wreaking havoc with The Tokyo Gondwana Renaissance, a huge poisonous cloud that can only be purified by Mew Aqua.

Meanwhile, Ryou notices an anomally with Ichigo. Their investigation is interrupted by images of the dark cloud covering Tokyo Tower.

Some time later, in the city, Ichigo is talking to Aoyama when Ryou walks up. She introduces the two, but it is an uncomfortable introduction. Once Ryou walks off, it begins to rain. Aoyama gives Ichigo his hoodie. This causes her to blush, which causes her cat ears to materialize. She runs off quickly.

Once the rain stops, Ichigo finds that she is a cat!!

Later that day, the Mew Mews are summoned. Ryou says that they must find Mew Aqua to purify the cloud as there are massive concentrations of pollutants inside of it. If it bursts, it could kill tens of thousands of people. They search, but are concerned that Ichigo isn't with them.

Ichigo(as a cat) wakes up in Aoyama's home. He had saved her from drowning. Aoyama has a dog, and this little fella does not like the competition.

That evening, when Aoyama falls asleep, his dog accidentally kisses her. This causes her to change back to human. will she get out of this mess!!