Note: These are the Japanese titles and summaries.
Summaries complete for those hightlighted in bright pink.

 1. Become a Cat - 
    A girl in love on the side of justice
 2. A New Friend - 
    The Friend of Justice, Super Princess 
 3. A School Mystery - 
    Revealing the ghost's identity
 4. A Tearful Date - 
    The secret I can't tell Aoyama-kun
 5. Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics - 
    A star will shine before a cat!
 6. The Piano of the Heart - 
    It's the heart-pounding dance party!
 7. Enter Pudding - 
    The Ears and Tail are part of the Act!
 8. The Mysterious Mountain's Miracle of Love
 9. Dearly Beloved Brother - 
    The Memories lie in the picture
10. The Last Member - 
    The Legendary Lonely Wolf
11. The Heart to Believe - 
    All Five Makes Tokyo Mew Mew
12. Identity Revealed - 
    An Out of Season Cherry Tree Falls Away
13. Intersecting Hearts -
    Aoyama-kun is Targeted
14. Akasaka's Secret - 
    A Tale of Sad Love
15. A Little Hero Masha - 
    Friendship at the Risk of His Life
16. Lettuce's Love -
    Longing in the Library
17. The Knight in Blue - 
    I will protect you! 
18. Mid-Summer's Love - 
    Ichigo's Swaying Heart
19. The Power of Kindness - 
    O Wish, Come True Deep in The Sea
20. Memories of Mother - 
    Onee-chan is in trouble
21. Sparks of the Heart -
    Ichigo and Mint at Odds
22. Farewell Summer -
    Ichigo's Longest Day
23. Sudden Love -
    Accept Girls' Hearts!
24. A Mysterious Gem -
    Brilliance Is within you!
25. Love's Hurdle -
    Many Obstacles to Ichigo's Love
26. Stop, Time! -
    Overwhelmed with Sentimental Feelings
27. I Love You -
    Aoyama-kun's Shocking Declaration
28. Kitty Panic! - 
    The key to the mystery is her k.i.s.s.
29. A Forbidden Love? -
    I can understand cats ~nyan!
30. Be Honest! - 
    Unspoken Love in the Crystal Ball.
31. Father's Back -
    One-Game Match for Ichigo!
32. Princess Fight -
    The Hero Can't be Bought for Money
33. A Fiance Appears -
    Pudding's Fated Marriage?!
34. The Most Important Matter -
    The Ability to Trust in Someone
35. Don't Cry, Lonely Little Zakuro
36. Shirogane's Past -
    The Secret of the Mew Mews' Birth!
37. The Shining Tear -
    Celebrating Christmas with just the Two of Us
38. Miracle of the Holy Night -
    No Secrets Anymore!
39. The Stolen Dream -
    Sweet Trap of the Lavender.
40. Two Becoming Friends? - 
    Pudding in Imminent Danger! 
41. The Wind Brings Happiness - 
    A Heartfelt Prayer
42. Zakuro's Dilemma: - 
    Only Four Mew Mews Now?
43. Enemy or Ally?  - 
    Fight, Big Sister!!
44. The City Turns Into a Forest! - 
    What Protects Ichigo's Smile?
45. The Riddle Dissolves! -
    The Truth about the Blue Knight 
46. New Reinforcement! -
    Protect the Earth Together 
47. The Power of Love! -
    I'll Protect Aoyama-kun!!
48. Maze from Another Dimension! -
    Quiche's Gamble!!
49. The Awakening of Blue, - 
    Yet Another Form!!
50. Ichigo's Test! -
    I'm a Mew Mew!
51. The Final Battle! -
    I Believe in Your Smile.
52. For The Earth's Future -
    We'll Serve You ~Nyan!